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I Never Expected This Crazy Game (So I mainly told stories xD)

T90Official – Age Of Empires 2
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I never expected this game to be crazy so I told a bunch of stories at the beginning. The stories may or may not be entertaining, but the AoE2 game is most certainly entertaining! Feels a bit weird uploading with the stories but I couldn’t help it as it is just too good!

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This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, © Microsoft Corporation.


  1. T90 you should do more community games with really unique maps. Those are the most fun

  2. German coffee is the worst I've ever had. If you went anywhere else in Europe and complained about the coffee I would assume that you're just an American who thinks Starbucks is what coffee is supposed to taste like, but honestly I get it for Germany. It's the only place I've been served dish water at an actual café.

  3. You drank the free complimentary coffee? it tastes bad so you buy a good cup. You only drink it if you Need ze kaffee before you can be somewhat social.

  4. T90, being ignorant is not the same as being stupid.
    If you are ignorant but are willing to remedee that by seeking knowledge, there is nothing wrong with that.

  5. You Daut taxied Daut, he should have sent more villagers to hold the taxi.

  6. Hidden cup losers bracket would be awesome because we could see the cobra car come back from the grave to fight again!

  7. man, I am so confused and only 3 mins in. Coffee with sugar is strong coffee, German hotel coffee looks creamy, but has no sugar. American coffee is much stronger, it tastes very sweet…

  8. No story next time please. Or a better one.

  9. "Abandon Daut all ye who enter here."
    -Taxi Driver to T90

  10. Thanks for posting this version. Game was good and the stories were amusing.

  11. Stopped watching after finding out he doesn't really know what coffee tastes like.

  12. T90, for when you go to Germany again for leisure not work, I'd suggest between late November and through December. While I was stationed there, during my US Army times, the Christmas markets are unforgettably epic. Every town and city has its own unique market and they are amazing!!! So many great experiences, food, and collectables are around every corner! I love Germany!!!

  13. as an american I hate how sugar is in so much food. Everything is too sweet and too salty. It taste bad and is bad for us.

  14. i really like hidden cup the way it is setup now. its more than just a tournament. its an experience

  15. Okay, so it is not cool for Daut to make you late for an airport/job Taxi ride/say he is gonna come within that fashion.

    But you don't leave a friend behind man… not cool not cool

    The driver makes no sense if it was a flat fee to the airport you add in a few extra if it wasn't a flat fee then he makes more money if you wait… idk what their deal was but that would have angered me a lot. If it was a Covid thing then they could have called the company for another taxi.

    Still, you can't bail on a friend at a hotel in another country when they expect a ride from you, not cool.

  16. you mention coffee many times…. coming from Seattle I say coffee shouldn't be sweet. 😉

  17. Hey T90, the game you mention between MBL and Hera, is that one on youtube as well? Do you, or somebody else have a link? Would love to see it!

  18. Crazy game. Brilliant plays followed by throws everywhere lol

  19. Honestly thought Daut was gonna throw it at the end! Insane ending!

  20. Hey T90 I recently saw a really good low elo game between Helios and dave960127 it was a 1 vs 1 on Arabia and it went for almost 2 hours with low elo shenanigans!

  21. Whats the discord? I need to figure out how to get back at it

  22. you should have taken your bags out of the taxi and said CYA!!! he would have waited

  23. Congratz T90 Spectator chat is now added to AOE II DE. 😂

  24. Why did neither of the players add a group of skirms? I would think they would trade well against each others army and the only extra tech needed is elite skrim as they were both using (cavalry) archers as main army anyway.

  25. I need the full game i remember havin to create a copy so i didnt need cd lol, the free trial isnt going to cut it

  26. Hey T90, try tea instead of coffee to perk you up. the caffeine from tea, or theine, is gentler and lasts longer.

    I recommend white tea (silver needle). It does not stain your teeth and can be drunk without milk and sugar.


    Edit: Mannheim is only 30 minutes away from heidelberg

  28. This game reminded me of a really tight game of chess where players trade royal pieces until they’re down to the dregs in the late game. One dude might have 1 bishop 3 pawns, the other dude a knight and 4 pawns or something. Miguel exposing his trebs was akin to one of the players not protecting their baseline and the opponent promotes a pawn to queen. GG!

  29. The cripple was miguel, the blind guy was daut. Daut certainly had mobility but not as much scouting, miguel had vision but couldn't move as much.

  30. I like the uploads directly from twitch,,, chat interaction makes it more interesting than YouTube only content

  31. I would like it if you stop calling Felix "Overlay Guy" because i always felt that "overlay guy" sounded a bit odd, calling real people by theire function in this situation.

  32. if daut wouldve thrown some skirms in there he would of won fast

  33. "I might have to recast this for YouTube."
    Nope we like story time more. 🙂

  34. I feel like if Daut took even one of his trebs down with the Mangudai on their repeat raids would have obliterated Miguel's TCs in a minute or two. His economy was way too small to survive that, and some trebs could still remain to guard the castle

  35. What was wrong with that commenters brain? If you said that to be rude because you think he was rude then you're not better yourself by your own standards.

  36. Daut: Hey T90, can a Serb come up in your crib?
    T90: Nah, man, I'll see you online.
    Daut: Don't hate me because I'm a god, T90. Maybe if you got rid of that yee-yee as mustache you've got, you'd get more subscribers on your twitch–oh wait. Better yet, maybe Facebook will call your random-farm-ass and Zuccerberg or Bill Gates will co-cast a game with you, or whatever you do on that website
    Daut: T90yousuck
    T90: What?

  37. T90 called this game more times that Daut called T90 after he stole Daut's taxi

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