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I Never Expected This Crazy Game (So I mainly told stories xD)

T90Official – Age Of Empires 2
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I never expected this game to be crazy so I told a bunch of stories at the beginning. The stories may or may not be entertaining, but the AoE2 game is most certainly entertaining! Feels a bit weird uploading with the stories but I couldn’t help it as it is just too good!

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This video was created under Microsoft’s “Game Content Usage Rules” using assets from Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition, © Microsoft Corporation.


  1. Please reconsider Swiss – it was my very favorite aspect of Red Bull, and I'd love to see it in more major AOE events. It was very fun getting to see more of all the players, both those who weren't necessarily going to win everything and those who did have a shot at the finals. Everyone had their chance to shine.

  2. If you can please post more team games to YouTube. Team games seem more "realistic" to real life to me and with your casting it feels like I'm watching actual medieval civs grow and fight. It's like a movie. I love that content and I would actually pay to see good commentary on team games. Just some friendly advice from a sub of 5 years

  3. Do you wanna know how we call sugar in Germany?

    Yea exactly, sissy-powder.

  4. First one to reply to my comment gets a free copy of AOE 2 DE sent via steam gift, just because i am in a good mood.

    But unfortunally, since i am from Brazil, i can only send you the game if you live in one of these, because steam doesn't want you sending games everywhere in the world 🙁

    Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bahamas, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Guyana, Suriname, Brazil or Mexico.

  5. Elite Mangudai trade way worse vs Arbalesters than people seem to think. Even Aztec ones with no Thumb Ring or Ring Archer Armor are a solid counter. aside from the mobility disadvantage

  6. @ 0:13 "… sugar in the coffee …" You YANKS put damn SUGAR in EVERYTHING ! When you went to GERMANY, Mr T90, you got a taste of THE REST OF THE WORLD. 🌍
    How do I know? When I visited the USA, I asked for sugar-free everything all the time…. @ 1:35 You prove my point – PRECISELY !!! 🔬
    @ 6:57 Sounds like you had a DAUT TAXI, Mr T90! 😧
    M 🦘🏏😎

  7. How do you split like doubt and such, do they have the units in 2 hotkey groups, or is just click and drag.

  8. we dont care about your self-indulgent storytelling, just cast the damn game

  9. Drunk DauT must be one of the greatest things ever xD

  10. lmao "hey t90 how do I get gd"
    T90 "well i unno i guess u gotta get gd"
    words of wisdom

  11. Perfect scenario for Mangudai herbal medicine?

  12. Now I wonder how often foreigners forget to put sugar on coffee.

  13. Miguel huge throw

    Sacrifice trebs into gg

  14. This is kinda how games were two years ago before they killed the meta and turned into mass TC's fest.

  15. Enjoyed the vid, and despite 'playing' the game for a couple decades I feel like a learn a lot. Regards to someone's question at ~16:45, do you plan on casting or streaming AOE 4? I played the alpha/beta and though some changes will be controversial I had a ton of fun. I assume it'll be like Starcraft where tons of people will jump on the new game but the competitors and other fans will go back to the OG. I imagine posting about a new game will get easy access to the hype gravy too… cheers

    Also, would this strat have worked better if Daut built the first castle forward instead of showing his cards early to defend?

  16. Sugar in the coffee? What kind of barbarian are you T90? Luckily it's a entraining video so you still get a like

  17. Miguel's eco at the end was laughable – 11

  18. I was a bit disappointed you let the game disrupt the story hour but a great podcast anyway!

  19. The Taxi situation was probably about covid. I guess he didn't know english very well to explain it. At least thats my thought.

  20. Cool stories, great game. I never expected to come back to Age with such a thing as DE, awesome.

  21. Minute 44 in game time: One player has 7 on food, the other has 2.

  22. A noobs opinion, but what if daut just sent rams to kill the trebs?

  23. yeah every food in europe is way less sugary than USA

  24. it's why daut told u to wait him coz the driver can't go to airport and beeing paid without passenger

  25. The deer tryna escape his death was the highlight of the game for me

  26. This game was like watching two boxers beat each other until both of them end up in a hospital

  27. daut should have stay on the hill next to the gold at 17:09 and send all his new mangodai there as well

  28. "Ooo, the Aztecs, They're an offensive and aggressive species." – The Spiffy Brit Drunk off Tea.

  29. Wouldn't it be smarter to produce some cav archers with one or two ranges and raid with those so you can utilize all your mangudai in your main army?

  30. why when I play the camera is so zoomed in?

  31. Hey T90, or other ppl that could awnser my question: How do I sign up to community games?

  32. I didn’t recognize your voices in the quarter final vod until you guys laugh 😂

  33. In Europe we don’t use cream in coffee as standard we use milk sir

  34. So Daut helps call a taxi and his ride gets denied, making it a literal Daut Taxi

  35. T90 you should do more community games with really unique maps. Those are the most fun

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