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I Win $1000/Hr In Crazy Game Of Poker!! Poker Vlog Ep 148

Brad Owen
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  1. King! Just kidding. .Shitmix to fuck with viewrers.

  2. You are doomed. Your perspective on strategy will fail. Amarillo Slim once said no man can survive in poker who has a heart smaller than a pea. You are in self-delusion. Saying "JIGGIES" to a black man is patronizing in appearance, and stupid in performance.

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  5. So he never got the guy back that was betting blind

  6. Can you make a video explaining what you mean when you say boat, and river and all that.

  7. Probably the only Bob Lazaar reference that you’ll find in poker vlog

  8. I once flashed 2 cowboys and got arrested, nice session Brad

  9. “Greeted at the door by Bob Lazar’s good buddy” LMAO

  10. HEy Brad this is awesome you made those videos to watch
    I watched few videos at the weekend, I have some conclusions for myself on your game
    The main thing I will tell to wake your eyes is about your 3bet range.
    When a player reraise you, you pay when your are strong or folds when you are week.
    You make the hard decisions with the next card coming after you understand if you got stronger or weaker in relation to the last floor.
    If your raise based on the strong of your hand, Do not hesitate to put more money now than later.
    You kind of forget the situation that the opponent can reraise you. That makes a situation you lost money and get in panic.
    So when you decide to make a value bet try to ask a one more question before making the raise: Am I stronger than the opponent right now?
    And its lead to 2 situations:
    If we are absolutely convinced I am better right now lets push the pressure to the opponent let him choose to put more money if he is strong right now.
    On the other hand If we are not absolutely stronger we want to see the next card and become stronger with considering the field, instead of put in a value bet that will make the opponent fold anyway.
    So consider it that there is more likely he checked based on steal more money from you by yourself better than the situation he will folds to value bet.
    You can see it here at 4:50

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  12. i literally dont know what youre saying
    you are speaking a different language

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  14. Man ru running great!! Good for u my friend! Enjoy it while it lasts.

  15. I could never live life like this, but it is super interesting.

  16. I'm loving this shit so much… I don't even know how to play poker :'D

  17. can you put how much you have currently and how much you have bet total in the top right of the screen?

  18. When the camera starts shaking you know his hearts beating fast @3:45

  19. I notice Brad tips on every win and even at the cashier. How customary is this?

    I know Americans have a tipping culture and I can imagining tipping the dealer as you leave. But every win? And the cashier??

  20. Hahaha i love how fast you said "POCKET ACES ON THE BUTTON!" Haha, lovin your content

  21. That preflop rule is so stupid, just a way to take more rake

  22. Love your story telling. Get me every time with the switch too.

  23. Being a novice player, if I played live and I get AA I know I’m gonna be shaking like a leaf 🍃

  24. i watched u when u had 50k, love to see the channel grow, keep it going

  25. 미국에도 호구들이 많네 존나가고싶다

  26. You obv have no idea what an hourly rate is or this is a joke. You can’t calculate an hourly in under 2 years full time live play, you are prolly making $7 max judging from your play tbh

  27. Brad, love ya content and you're not a bad fella yer self…
    But please no more of your 'just kidding' type chirps when you've got a huge winning hand, like the bombs, and us viewers cannot see the Turn or River card like you did at the back – end of this video..?
    Your audience should be 99.9% Grown-ups and we'all don't want Silly Billy stuff like this..!?
    Well, at least your one African supporter doesn't… Keep kicking ass!
    Big Wayne, Cape Town

  28. Talking Stick is one of my favorites too.

  29. anyone notice the veilside RX-7 FD in the parking lot at 0:38 or is that just me

  30. I love how he’s like it’s bad etiquette to ask someone to show their hand then goes right around and says “show the bluff, show the bluff” like dude chill

  31. Risking 150 for 200 is not a smart bet usually.

  32. Dude always watch the players looking at their cards. That cost you big.

  33. I’m not sure i agree with the “etiquette” when losing a big pot. If you show cards to one player at the table you show them to all. I dont know who knows who. It’s a rule for a reason. I’m happy to be the asshole if that’s what classifies me as one.

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  35. i need to receive 15%of the pocket pares OK

  36. I wish Brad would tell us the value of the chips.

  37. Great player and personality, as Dealer I wish more and more players tipped like Brad here…

  38. Do you keep data about your games? Such as play time, how much won / lost? I think it would be really cool to run some statistics. It's what I do.

  39. i literally jumped before clicking like for ur brad, ur welcome

  40. Jebaited the fuck out of me with the king of clubs

  41. 4:00
    "A long time passes before we're dealt pocket eights on the button".

    That's how I remember talking stick.

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