INSANE GRAND SLAM from MARINERS! M's clutch GS puts them ahead of Astros in crazy game! -

INSANE GRAND SLAM from MARINERS! M’s clutch GS puts them ahead of Astros in crazy game!

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Mariners OF Dylan Moore launched this CLUTCH grand slam to put the M’s ahead of the Astros in an INSANE game!

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  1. This is one of the best games I have seen in awhile. GO M's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And they're gonna get better. Been a fan for a very long time, and will continue to be, but damn, it's good to be a Gangsta.

  3. When the cheaters lose, everybody wins. 😎

  4. If the Mariners make the playoffs mark my words THIS will be the play everyone remembers as the turning point of the ball club

  5. What was that statcast on that Bomb… ???

  6. They’re tryna hurt each other in the dugout

  7. That bench just got me HYPED UP!!! Those moments are what it’s about!

  8. And then the GM traded their best bullpen piece

  9. If the new relievers we acquired from yall is as good as everyone been stating. Im calling WS 4 sure

  10. When the Astros cry and lose everybody is happy.

  11. Eddie is watching this and wondering if he had an extra son he doesn’t know about

  12. this made me smile always wanna beat the trashstros

  13. I've been taking my 4 year old son to Mariners games this year. Every time we get on the ferry to go, he asks to watch this. Just awesome.

  14. Everything exploded. The ball on the bat, the crowd, Goldsmith….quiet and then POW! Those are the best moments.

  15. Then we fucked up the last three games and missed the playoffs

  16. Watching this now that the Astros lost the WS is a lot more satisfying

  17. Best part was watching his teammates slam him out of joy in the dugout

  18. An instant classic Mariners clip. Easily my favorite moment of the whole season. I’m on EST nowadays so I usually only watch about an hour of the games before going to sleep. I watched the 1st inning of this one and decided I’d just go to bed lol, and finding out the score in the morning was just the most amazing feeling!!

  19. This grand slam to me is the baseball equivalent of Marshawn Lynch’s beast quake run. I can watch it over and over and still be excited.

  20. In a few years we’ll look back and realize this was the moment the balance of power in the AL really started to shift to the Ms

  21. When they hit a home run/grand slam, before the music they need to play Dave’s calls

  22. Can imagine Dave Niehaus calling this one similar to Edgar’s GS off John Wetland in the 90s…

    “And here comes the 1-1 pitch to Dylan Moore down a fastball swung on, hit to deep left field, Michael Brantley goes back, that ball is… Get out the rye bread and the mustard this time grandma, it is a grand salami! And the Mariners lead it 11-8, I don’t believe it! My Oh My!!!”

  23. Best game I’ve ever attended hands down

  24. Living in Victoria, not far from Seattle, and being a jays fan, I'd have to say this team is winning me over. Go Mariners!

  25. Best mariners moments are from the most unknown people around the league

  26. the night many baseball fans became DMo fans 🔥🔥🔥

  27. This is when I became a Mariners fan, first game I ever watched and still will never forget it


  29. Hammered and deep this on its way grand slaaaam

  30. A favorite recollection given the celebration, especially seeing Cal Raleigh having been just called up clearly getting into it. Next year, he'd be the one clinching the playoff slot with one big blast.


  32. Literally, my favorite home run of all time.

  33. I love the “WOW” right after he hits it

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