IS KAEL'THAS GREAT OR GARBAGE?? Three CRAZY Games, Three Different Decks! | Hearthstone -

IS KAEL’THAS GREAT OR GARBAGE?? Three CRAZY Games, Three Different Decks! | Hearthstone

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Kael’thas is doing some pretty incredible things in Wild format, but the verdict is still out when it comes to Standard. I’ve tried my best, but only had a few absolutely insane highlights among a lot of really bad games. Here are a few stupidly incredible moments to help you decide if Kael’thas is worth it or not!

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Highlight | Hearthstone | IS KAEL’THAS GREAT OR GARBAGE?? Three CRAZY Games to Help You Decide!


  1. 15:09 is the only time anyone has been happy about pulling a void contract.

  2. I am so pumped for this expansion! What do y'all think? Will it be a healthy meta?

  3. Love your interesting videos. Keep it up fam!

  4. If I have All Legendaries and dust one of them then and I have All the C,R & Epics . When I open a pack do I guarantee a Legendary or Not ?

  5. Kaelthas Mechathun
    I want to try this😂😂

  6. What is the card in the warrior deck that just says “NOOOOOO”

  7. This card broke the wild meta game, freaking exodia druid with it is ridicolous. Nourishes, Ultimate infestation and side quest for malygos sneaking out is brutal

  8. Just when I disenchanted my golden void contract, something comes out that makes it not a complete meme

  9. Why does the once card on the list just say NOOOOOOO

  10. Tbf… my first reaction to the no duplicates thing was also that I would get only epics and legendaries once I had all the rares and commons. Then I realized how dumb of a change that would be for team5. Most just get too excited thinking it would work like that, that they dont stop to realize how it would made no sense.

  11. "That looked like bm, but I was just trying to bm with puzzle box"

  12. "That's perfect. Perfect roll, as long as it doesn't inner rage itself."

  13. Greetings fellow seeker of truth! Well played. Well played. Well played. Well played. Well played.

  14. Worth noting that trading leeroy into deathwing is the wrong play even if the secret IS flameward, because he still takes the 6 damage and none of your other minions die. Going face with leeroy leaves enough damage on board to guarantee lethal even if he trades deathwing into your biggest minion, and trading with deathwing does not change the odds of your opponent topdecking lethal. The correct play was still going face, because there is no card he could possibly have to stop you that wouldn't stop you anyway if you trade. He either kills you that turn, or he loses. Trading just opens up unnecessary potential risk.

  15. Bruh I havent found a single person playing Kael in ranked and not, and you’re out here doing this? Feeling the level difference lmao.

  16. Great video! I hate to nitpick but i have to tell you that you were talking about trading twice in the void contract game when you just had lethal on board. Both when you used dragonqueen alexstraza and after you used talanji!

  17. Kael is probably a card that should never exist in a card game, I mean, yeah it's fun, until you are on the other side taking 2 pyro in a single turn.
    I bet this one won't stay 3 month's in standard, since some classes can just fish for it easily and play at turn 6 at a consistent rate.
    Also Druid can kill u at turn 4 in Wild now, I guess that's cool too.

  18. Puzzle Box into ten lay on hands on opponrnts face would've been the play

  19. 3:42 Regis' Twitch chat sounds like Grenda from Gravity Falls?

  20. Ayaka's Sword [1st Sword Of The Seven] says:

    why do you have a nooo in your deck tracker?

  21. That moment of silent disbelief at 28:40 was so funny lmao. I was dying during that whole interaction

  22. Kael in wild has some fun decks im pretty sure? I heard of some otk decks and such like draw your whole deck and go face druid

  23. The feeling when you have high-rolled so magnificently that you become flustered and mess up your BM.

  24. Did Yosera get nerfed he only drops 7 dream portals now

  25. 28:53 hahaha, that 4th wall break look you gave to the camera was so sincere

  26. I love you dude, love watching your videos and I gotta start watching ur streams

  27. That 2nd game! OMG! Tavern brawls in standard?!

  28. That khadgar is the reason I squelch emote spammers. What an annoying player.

  29. Does anyone else see the “NOOOOOOO” in the deck tracker?

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