It was a crazy game - and I don't like crazy games! Spurs 3-2 Vitesse Arnhem. Antonio Conte reaction -

It was a crazy game – and I don’t like crazy games! Spurs 3-2 Vitesse Arnhem. Antonio Conte reaction

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Antonio Conte’s first interview after his new side Tottenham beat Vitesse Arnhem 3-2 in a game with three red cards.
0:00 introduction
0:15 My first impression: a crazy game. We were winning 3-0 and were dominating the game, we created many chances to score and instead in 10 minutes we conceded two goals and in that moment we lost a bit of confidence. We have to work also in this aspect. We should win and we won.
2:00 Those who know me very well know I don’t like this type of game, this crazy game. I want a stable team. When there is the possibility to kill the opponent you must kill.”
3:00 We have to focus on the pitch, on the football aspect. To try to bring on the same level is very difficult. The club with the stadium and training ground is maybe the best in the world. I have never seen this type of situation. The players and I should work a lot to improve the football aspect. The support, the fans tonight showed they deserve this.
5:00 We have a lot of room for improvement. This team is young. Good players. We have to work together.
6:00 We need to find time to work. We need to work on many aspects. If I want to see on the pitch my team I know that I need time but at the same time today I was delighted because in a part of the game I have seen what we tried in these two days. At the same time we did things we can improve a lot.
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  1. 2:04 "when there is the possibility to kill the opponent you must kill"

  2. Stressful game but positives and room for improvement

  3. He never won champions league or europa league … he only won the league in 3 different club,,,if i compare with the all elite managers they all won champions league except him,,,ya he is Tottenham manager a average team and average manager for me ..😊

  4. i love conte but comparing him to Tuchel ….conte sounds like idiot kkkkk

  5. but conte is more passionate and more closer to the fans than TT

  6. Conte is weary of the English Media. Choosing words wisely and being careful. The English media caused his sacking at Chelsea

  7. DR. Tottenham about to destroy this mans career. Lol

  8. This Man has a lot of work to do,so much problems in defense…good luck Tony ✌️

  9. Don Conte we Chelsea fans still love you but I want you to face Tuchel and we crush Spurs right infront of you 😁

  10. EPL has Tuchel, Pep, Klopp & Antonio that's why its the best league in the world

  11. Conte is such a passionate coach. Coming from a Chelsea fan

  12. This guy is a winner, believe it or not.
    As a Chelsea fan, he was my favourite coach until Tuchel came along.
    Two seasons, 1 EPL, 1 FA Cup and 1 FA Cup final, it's crazy.

  13. This is the mentality we need for the squad. We must kill…

  14. Emerson royal doing step overs 90 minutes was funny as hell

  15. He meeds to be supported in buying a number of players otherwise he would fail. Knowing Levy, he probably promised a lot to Conte but he will not spend much.

    So all this is a farce to fool the fans. But for Conte like his predecessors is good. He will make good money getting sacked.

  16. This guy can easily be a mafia boss and I wouldnt be able to tell the difference. When he says the word "kill", shivers….

  17. He always wants to kill 😂😂😂

  18. He is the best coach in the world but one point makes him a problem for club's hierarchy, he didn't care in markets about player( age salary form deal fee and another) he is a good man straight guy , love football more than anything in his life , his passion is the best I've ever seen but that point make him crash a lot WITH club mangers so sacked or leave after 1 2 seasons is solution.
    With juv he spend 4 5 years because he was a god in turin.

  19. Only the first game you lose your voice will you cope?

  20. Who agrees with me? If Conte wins silver with spurs then will be considered as the greatest manager of all time.

  21. I’m a Chelsea fan and I really miss this guy.

  22. That question if “any players impressed Conte” you know why he doesnt want to answer that 😅😂

  23. 2:04 "when there is the possibility to kill the opponent you must kill"

    and that right there is why they call him DON CONTE.
    Thats why he's a Killa….

    Killa Mentality……….

  24. Absolutely love this man so much great energy great passion what we need can't wait till he gets new players in the January transfer window and the summer also and further beyond this man is gonna make us winners

  25. Kane seems to have nothing but his diving ability left.

  26. He becomes like Mourinio now it's crasy

  27. When you have a chance to kill kill😂😂😂 can ole do that

  28. First match i already hear kill from his mouth. Absolute LEGEND! lol

  29. Best coach. Guarantee for winning prizes!!!

  30. If he wins any trophy with Spurs that will be a bigger achievement that anything he won elsewhere

  31. Again Tottenham press conference will be interesting. Nuno was depressing

  32. conte will be a failure at spurs and will have a bad mark in his cv too.

  33. Chelsea vs Tottenham is going to be a entertaining game .We are finally going to have a London derby with a great build up .

  34. Hello Everyone!
    I very respect Conte!
    He is my favourite manager…
    But he very broken the english…😕
    this is the only negative He has in him.
    Good luck Mr. &
    all the best for the Spurs!!! 👍😏
    This season Spurs finish 4-6 position,
    Next season 2-4!!!

  35. If he win Carabao cup , FA cup and conference cup and finish within top 4 then Spurs will have best in their history…Silver lining after Poch…had Jose played that final at least Spurs had chance

  36. All the best to Conte and Tottenham but not when they play Chelsea.

  37. Key sentence from the interview "when there is the possibility to kill the opponent, you must kill". The mentality of this guy could transform spurs.

  38. He is having difficulty to express himself in English. Likewise he will have difficulty communicating with his players.

    Conte is overhyped.

    COYG! 😁

  39. I think the Spurs players have lost their winning and resilient mental attitude. They need a different mindset to have a chance to become champions.

  40. Conte is world class manager
    Arsenal should have sacked Arteta and chose Conte.
    I'm Arsenal fan, but I admire Conte's qualities, so now I'm turning into Tottenham fan.

  41. Bring back Hakimi to your team Konte, buy him out from PSG. He would play great for Konte and Tottenham

  42. Con l'inglese Matteo Renzi ti fa una pippa.

  43. As chelsea fans, spurs got one of the most amazing coach. He will push the players to the limit.

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