Jamal Crawford Scores 63 In front of Kobe Bryant & Hits Crazy Game Winner! - voxelo.us

Jamal Crawford Scores 63 In front of Kobe Bryant & Hits Crazy Game Winner!

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The Seattle Pro Am was extra special today in every way possible. The gym was at full capacity, NBA legends Kobe Bryant and Gary Payton were in the building and Jamal Crawford scored 63 in the most amazing way possible. Big shout out to Jamal for a great weekend and for staying way after his game ended to sign every last autograph. Respect.

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  1. I feel like he doesnt go anywhere when he dribbles

  2. lol "this generations michael jordan" uhhhh no

  3. number 21 looks like brandon roy 

  4. and yet i am still shocked how he has never stated on an nba roster before not even for a little while. still the best six man doe

  5. man jamal droppin 63 and they only won by 2. must have been a shitty team lol

  6. It looks likes he is just having fun out there

  7. Its always fun watching jamals summer hughlights

  8. Thats cuz Chris Copeland was guarding him lol

  9. So what he did it in front of Kobe lol… Is that suppose to make him official now? He bust the Lakers ass on a regular in front of Kobe and his ass too when he tries to guard him lol…

  10. lol and he does all this like its nothing…

  11. Is it me…..But why does Kobe alway have to have hella security with him??? Did GP have hella security?? I bet not…. Not hating just saying!!!! Is he, that loved or so hated…

  12. I have got to do a better job at remembering Jamal Crossover when talking about the best shooters in the game today, Top 5. All around shooters, not 3pt specialist. He does this shit in games on the reg. 

  13. Jamal playing that 2K with useless teammates, gotta score 60 to win a fucking game, lol!

  14. Look at the final score though… no defense was played during this game smh

  15. Jamal Crawford has been my favorite player in player in sports since 2006 when I first got into basketball or sports for that matter. Love this man forever for his hoopin abilities, Hope he has a great rest of his career

  16. Lebron Paul George Stephen Curry Uncle Drew would drop 80+👏👏👏💯

  17. No way in the world Jamal Crawford shouldn't be starting, it's crazy, he's too good

  18. JCrossover ! Sick to the teeth with skills.

  19. You're seeing what separates the pros from everybody else. =)

  20. He's got the best footwork in the league behind Kobe.

  21. MY 3 SONS can tell you that I always thought this guy was one of the best ballers in the game today!!!  HE'S A BEAST TO DEFEND AGAINST, PERIOD!!!

  22. Ain't nothin you can do with Jamal. Just try to slow him down. Can't stop him.

  23. Jamal has the most natural handle in the NBA

  24. I want to become all those players in basketball.

  25. reason jamal crawford scored 60  cause kobe wasnt in his team.

  26. This video is for all you rec center hoopers who think you can hang with average NBA talent, it's not happening.

  27. Jamal Crawford and Monta Ellis do not get the credit they deserve. Such great players overshadowed by many people.

  28. How the hell you score 63 and the game still needs a game winner? Who the hell was on your team?

  29. Did anyone notice that the scoreboard went off at :50

  30. Yall must not understand Jamal Crawford is old af him and Kobe in the same boat with this age shit 😂

  31. If Kobe Bryant was in front of Jamal Crawford the whole time, then technically Kobe Bryant was defending him, so the title should be "Jamal Crawford Scores 63 *ON front of Kobe Bryant"

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