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Japanese Game Shows That Should Not Exist

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Time for Funny Japanese Game Shows! Japan is known as funny & weird Japanese Game Shows such as Human Tetris, Mummification Games.

Can you even make a guess what each game show is about?

Part 3
Part 1

1. Tore! – is a game show that If you lose a contest, you get mummificated or buried in sand. Here contestants are put in a machine with an ancient Egyptians grave box. The machine has two spools of material in which it spins around you and wraps you up like a mummy.

2. AKBingo! – Plastic wrap is used in Japanese comedy show to by pulling their face up. It is 99% of time by man especially comedian. It makes it rare for such a woman singing and dancing group would do that.

3. What’s in the Box? – This game is pretty classic in Japanese shows, at which contestants have to put their hands inside of a box that has something placed inside, and their goal is to figure out what it is.

4. Brain Wall (脳カベ, Nōkabe) is a component of the Japanese game show The Tunnels’ Thanks to Everyone. Contestants try fitting through the hole, otherwise they are pushed by the wall into a pool of water.

5. AKBingo! – Heaven or Hell? It’s like Curling and depending where you stop, you get a change to promote your self or else get punishment.

We hope you enjoyed this video. Let us know which one of these Japanese game shows was your favorite.

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  1. Can You imagine a Japanese version of Teletubbies?

  2. 4:54 okay this one isn’t that bad how are they scared of a mollusk they’re like 20 times it’s size 😂

  3. This would be much better if there were subtitles

  4. 4:10
    I've seen enough anime to know where this is going lol O_O

  5. The first one was japan’s deadliest game show human tetras was known as America’s funniest game show hole in the wall!
    Japan: hey america can I copy your home work?
    America: sure. But… change it up a little bit…

  6. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. and then, south korean variety show copy the idea, claim it was their idea XD

  8. 6:31 somehow they put a woman with bikini as an example, it’s so inappropriate and why does it have to be a woman, like they’re using them or something, it’s always been girls wth

  9. we used to do something like this here in the U.S back in the 60's. It was called LSD…

  10. The wall-and-bath game is unfair. The host duo go through easy ones while guest comedians do difficult ones and get pushed into the bath tub.

  11. Why shouldn't they exist? America has become overly sensitive about everything.

  12. fantastic shows we need more in this bs pc world.

  13. It's quite mid, they tried though. I was not really laughing or anything just watching with a normal face

  14. 솔직히 일본매체도 지적해야한다….
    괴롭힘이지 이건

  15. 5:30 A lot of people misunderstand, but this game is originally from a Japanese show.
       This game plan is sold overseas, and it's just being used by other countries' TV stations.
       Koreans say that they stole Korean games, but that's not true, Japan is the original country of development of this game.

  16. Nothing wrong with the "Shapes" game show. It's downright great.

  17. Wow, they put the girls of the AKB48 music group through some crazy stuff in that last game!

  18. The only tv shows tht should nt exist is desperate housewife n keeping up with K btch

  19. That girl is afraid of touching an octopus, but she probably has no problem chewing and swallowing a whole one down for a snack. What bizzare people.

  20. I think if girls in mummy quest from stress forget to put their hands to their faces, they will die.

  21. こうやってタコ見るとマジでエイリアンみたいだな

  22. As someone who has been to japan a lot, I really want to see this!

  23. some hot girls, but brain IQ i dont see in this shows

  24. Soft spot for Japanese women for sure! Love it.

  25. 5:30 I remember watching this show on nick or something. Of course it was the American version.

  26. 10:42 wrote a paper about "if you damage the good you pay surgery"
    better than american television lol

  27. Can I suggest Candy or Not Candy? Picking out what props in various rooms are actually realistic candy replicas….By apparently just wandering around and biting random shit.

  28. Lmao came for the mummy game! But human Tetris is so fun 😂😂😂😂😂

  29. my claustrophobic ass is dead with that wrapping.

  30. we need omre of them on all he countries. They know that it makes other laugh and it's way better than what hew have rn

  31. The Japanese have an excellent sense of humour

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