Jeff Green's CRAZY Game Winner With 0.6 Seconds Beats The Heat -

Jeff Green’s CRAZY Game Winner With 0.6 Seconds Beats The Heat

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Gerald Wallace throws a perfect inbounds pass to Jeff Green in the corner, and he hits at the buzzer to beat the Heat. Visit for more highlights.

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  1. When I saw this live I remember thinking : '' Man, that was so good, I'm not even mad''

  2. How is this not a top assist of the year that pass had to be perfect for the shot set up

  3. who cares its one game
    who has 2 rings
    who went to 4 straight finals
    whos the best player in the league
    who is going to be a hall of famer
    who is top ten of all time

    yea i thought so

    jeff green would be waved in a second and would be broke homeless and out of a job if lebron wanted to come to the celtics so gg celtic bandwagoners

  4. Heat defending champs at the time and it still feels like a home game for the Celtics lol, CELTICS4LIFE.

  5. 1,400,740th view,1,492nd like, and 1,390th comment.

  6. Bet Lebron was so pissed off with Jeff Green. What a Crybaby. Bet he cried when he lost to the freakin Utah Jazz.

  7. Look at Miami Heat players face after Jeff Green hit the game winner.. So pathetic. Now that Lebron left and returned to his old kingdom, the Miami Heat looks more pathetic. They are now one of the candidates for terrible teams in the NBA this 2015 season. Looks like they want to follow the Lakers ways as tail enders. Also in danger of missing the playoffs after four straight finals appearances. Maybe they are missing Lebron James. Oh retired NBA Commissioner David Stern. Plus Ray Allen. He…He…Ha…Ha..!!!!!!!!

  8. As of this writing, look at that more than 1.4 million views in a span of 1 year and 3 mos. This is how many basketball fans wants to watched how the Heat were bitten by their lack of mentality and concentration [Particularly D. Wade]  which paved the way for Jeff Greens buzzer beater.

  9. Everyone will talk about the shot, but that's a hell of a pass by Gerald Wallace.. Puts it exactly where it needed to be in the corner with defenders in his way. Impressive.

  10. This is for anyone claiming that LeBron is the best. Does the greatest player in the world fall asleep on an assignment? In the words is Steve Kerr he went "brain neutral" on this play.

  11. That particular year was a bit bitter for the Celtics, but hell, they forgot what the year had in store for them after this.

  12. And tonight, Avery Bradley just beat Lebron's Cavs with game winning buzzer. The Celtics sure do love to trash with Lebron in clutch fasion #bleedgreen

  13. This is my favorite game winner and I had to come back tonight after seeing Avery Bradley's!

  14. Him being traded to the clippers brought me here

  15. Wade blew this game yo. He had a free throw with .6 seconds left and tried to intentionally miss it but he ended up missing the rim completely, which is a turnover. If he would have shot it normally, the game would've been over make or miss. The time would've ran out if he missed and if he made it the heat would've been up 4 with .6 seconds left. That's some BS by wade

  16. And it was a 5 second violation too on the inbound. That shot should've never even happened.

  17. nasty jeff green got his buzz beater revenge on lebron…..lebron hit one on him earlier that year

  18. Today, May 27, 2018, Jeff Green helped Lebron win the Eastern Conference Finals over his former team.

  19. 5 years later, Green go to the nba finls with Lebronnn

  20. Absolutely incredible shot, over LeBron with only a second to get it off. But what about that pinpoint pass by Wallace?? Wow, what a play!

  21. Wade intentionally missed so they could go for the rebound and seal it, if he made it they thought that the celtics has a chance to tie, so he intentionally misses to run off the clock and win but they didnt get the rebound, This comment is for the guys who thought why wade intentionally missed…

  22. Miami sports casters are unbiased as f.

  23. I thought of this right away when OG hit that shot. I can always appreciate it

  24. This was Miami's final run and got decimated by San Antonio in the Finals.

  25. That was a crazy pass and a crazy shot. This is when myself (and surely many others) basically hated the Miami Heat.

  26. One of the most underrated game winners of all time.. this was insane. The Celtics were awful this year too

  27. That's why Legm call him to join Cleveland.

  28. 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♂️ 😂😂😂

  29. Still one of the best game winners ever. Over Lebron. I remember being in awe in nov2013 after it.

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