Jeff Green's CRAZY Game Winner With 0.6 Seconds Beats The Heat -

Jeff Green’s CRAZY Game Winner With 0.6 Seconds Beats The Heat

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Gerald Wallace throws a perfect inbounds pass to Jeff Green in the corner, and he hits at the buzzer to beat the Heat. Visit for more highlights.

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  1. That's was amazing, I'm not a Celtics fan but this was awesome!!!

  2. i hate these damn ads on youtube!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO SECONDS INTO THE VIDEO! REALLY!!!!!?

  3. Jeff Green showed lebron who is the boss… Fuck heat… GO CELTICS !!!!!

  4. 5 second viaolation and they started the clock like .3 seconds late

  5. Celtics Wins!!!!!!!! I love watching this play again and again. Love seeing the defending champs Heat go down to earth even in just one regular season game. You Think this rivalry ended after KG and Pierce were traded? I think it will burst again in the near future.

  6. Would have been funny if the Heat announcer said "KABOOM" after that shot.

  7. Anyone calling this "luck" clearly does not know anything about basketball.

  8. lol, miami goes crazy but it wasn't the heat that won.

  9. 1.2 million views for a game winner in the regular season? Smh

  10. Can't wait till the heat suck next year when lebron leaves! Then we can prove that the bandwagon exists

  11. Anybody else brought here by searching Gerald Green Gamewinner after the Suns/Wolves game? Lol

  12. i remember the last 3 quarters when the seats are full.

  13. he's going to rockets for Omer or Rondo will be cause we got picks Omer/Lin for Rondo or Omer for Green.

  14. dayum, that was one hell of a find, in addition to being a sweet shot.

  15. Let's not forget that pass was perfect. And Lebron can't guard his own man, you don't play help defense if there's only .6 on the clock!

  16. one of greatest buzzer beating winners i've ever seen.. great shot Green from Heat fan..

  17. Gerald Wallace gets my props for making that shot happen!

  18. One clean dagger to end the game.. well played!

  19. Notice the Heat fan to the left of Jeff Green at 0:45 😛 From distracting Jeff to "Daaaaaamn"

  20. I think Jeff Green should be an All Star player…

  21. incredible shot but it was a 5 sec violation 

  22. The clock was at 0.6 seconds for past 0.6 seconds after he got the ball. That's some cheese

  23. The time on a five second call does not start until the ref starts the countdown by extending his arm. You can see as Wallace makes the pass, the ref throws out his arm for the 5th and final time, except the ball was already in the air. Same with the clock, it does not start until the clock manager starts it, and they can not change what he did.

  24. This has to be in the top 10 buzzer beaters of all time, especially because it was over lebron.

  25. Funny because Rondo hit a layup a few years ago against the Heat with .06 left to send the game to OT. Pretty ironic.

  26. probably one of the best buzzer beaters ever!

  27. That shit was a 5 second violation come on Refs

  28. The Celtics need a player that can consistently take over the game like that such as Melo or Kevin Love.

  29. One of the sickest buzzer-beaters of all-time. "Mean" Jeff Green!  

  30. Lebaby be like, waaaaaaaah! I was supposed to block that to make myself look cool.

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