Jimmy Butler crazy game winner dunk vs Rockets off inbounds alley oop play 🔥 - voxelo.us

Jimmy Butler crazy game winner dunk vs Rockets off inbounds alley oop play 🔥

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  1. This eerily similar to the suns oop in the playoffs last year.

  2. Um the Rockets is trying to tank, thanks for the loss.

  3. The fact your barley beating the rockets at home smh

  4. What a lob… LOL Butler's defender after the fact… oh, come on man!

  5. walked off quiet since his knee screaming in pain

  6. I don’t understand the defense AT ALL. That’s why the rockets are rockets

  7. As of right now, the Houston Rockets record is 13-43 and the Miami Heat 31-25 and the #6 seed in the Eastern Conference

  8. He studied Vince Carters note book for that one

  9. I think that Bubble playoff run took some years off his prime

  10. And got fouled hell no nobody even touched him at all what is that white announcer talking about lol

  11. WTF did he switch? He didn’t even get screened, terrible defense

  12. “And got fouled” casper been devious lately

  13. Too bad, Houston really wanted to win so they can decrease their chances of drafting Wembanyama..

  14. yep its official rockets are tanking for Wembanyama

  15. Houston gave that game away. You know there's a lob coming.. Jalen Green defending the basket? He's like 6'2.. If you're trying to win you put some size near the rim there. Houston should be fined for throwing this game.

  16. If they lost to Houston that would've been embarrassing.

  17. Jimmy Jordan does it again man he's got his dad's hops huh lol

  18. Great catch and throw down from Butler. But man. What a damn good inlet pass.

  19. A slip screen decoy, to an elevator play decoy, but with butler slipping the pseudo elevator screen to go to the hole. Damn Spoelstra is up there with popovich for GOAT coaches of out of timeout plays.

  20. butler is a clutcher, for block, for pass, and for shot.

  21. Coach Eric spoelstra he's the Greatest coach of all time

  22. shows jimmy’s hops & athleticism. Just not flashy enough for the viewers of today.

  23. Just ran this play to oust the Bucks…he might have pushed off but it's playoff bball

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