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Division 2 Guard Jordan Stevens put on a show with MHP along with the dangerous sharp shooter duo Askia Booker against Black Pearl Elite.

Jordan Stevens finished the game with 25 points
Askia Booker finished with 27 points with the game winner

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  1. Stevens was looking human this go round. This was 24 video. Whatever his name is.

  2. Jordan Stevens & Booker should be an unlockable characters in NBA 2K

  3. Nick young is like Jordan Stevens Lavar Ball. He smiles and goes crazy after every bucket or crossover.

  4. everytime i see swaggy p i see a waste of talent he couldve made a bigger name for himeself in the NBA but he plays to much lol. Great video and content as always

  5. He not just #24 no more lol game was lit

  6. Lil cuz ballin! I knew he was gon be a problem when we was young! Stay up kinfolk

  7. I wanna see Frank Nitty vs Jordan Stevens 😂💯 Det game gonna be stupid lit

  8. 34 on the black team looks like oscar from sharktale

  9. Jordan Stevens has really been on a mission to get an NBA contract. Just showcasing everywhere these past few months.

  10. Give the man a contract already. He's more skilled then majority of the kids drafted. Rooting for this young talent!!!

  11. Look like a good game… should've been more lit

  12. Waiting on Melo v. Jordan Stevens match up

  13. I wanna see him go head to head with frank nitty, that'll be fire.

  14. i hate when people think they are the shit bc they tried to dunk on someone and fail miserably like that dunk wasn't even close if the guy wasn't right there he probably woulda got stuffed by the rim

  15. This dude is clowning now but something tells me he won't be clowning like that in the NBA. Dudes like this get full of themselves too quick.

  16. 24 is a baller…Get that man a deal…we will gladly take this man in OKC

  17. Number 34 on the black team…. This Y ESPN banned lavar ball …. He was balling that game…. 😭😭😭😭😭🏀🏀🏀🏀

  18. 😂😂😂😂😂 #34 on the black team been going hard all game bruh he had something to prove or something ? 🤣🤣

  19. Shit was Too icy 🥶 rock my man too sleep like that than hit the 🗡 though😩😩😩😩

  20. 4, 5, 8, & 25 could all get buckets when they wanted shit kinda sick. #8 was a defensive monster!

  21. 23 is a jackass for not giving his PG the roc at tip off. Can tell he likes the ball in his hand.

  22. If I was dude that hit that last shot and it didn't count I'd be heated.

  23. Number 34 look like barracka from mortal kombat

  24. The only reason black loss was because they’re guards so ass. 😂 This nigga 5 made one stiff ass jumper. How you got two left handed guards and not one of em can score. White bigs got ate by a 2k bot. 34 black ain’t shoot one jumper with his bum ass and kept them in the game. I hate that nigga game but he be killin.

  25. 34 look like 🤣🤔 Donald Faison had a baby with a light bulb.

  26. 23 and 34 onna black squad bout ugly asl 💀

  27. D2 cuhz nice but what is #24's story… How tf didnt he make it??? Huge PG, rebounds as a pg, handles, jumper, great vision, passing, bball IQ, and can lock up when he wants to… I love his game

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