Josh McCown's Crazy Game w/ 354 Passing Yards & 2 TDs! | Patriots vs. Jets | Wk 6 Player Highlights -

Josh McCown’s Crazy Game w/ 354 Passing Yards & 2 TDs! | Patriots vs. Jets | Wk 6 Player Highlights

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Don’t miss player highlights from New York Jets quarterback Josh McCown facing off against the New England Patriots in Week 6 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. Jets need to switch back to these uniforms

  2. Good News: Pats won
    Bad News: The haters are making excuses as always and if u reading this comment there is now way u can deny that they make excuses literally EVERY time u can say it was bad call but they make excuses every time they win

  3. I feel kinda weird knowing that the jets and patriots had the same record in this game. I mean pats sure but JETS?!?!

  4. Tom Brady Shady #CheatSquad#SpyOnYou#WOAT says:

    Let’s not ignore the fact that we cheated the Jets with that controversy of the td being taken back. Yes we paid the refs like we did against the Texans.

  5. Cant wait for the haters to feed me their salty tears. Let the hate flow thru you! Fumble in endzone, went out of bounds, touchback. Read up on the rules rookies.

  6. Wow when will the pats hold a qb under 300 yards… They play Matt Ryan next week lol

  7. Joe Fucking Flacco #11TDS-0INTS #Joeezy #JoeCool #5 #BetterRecievers says:


  8. So what y'all thought this year u might win eh 😂 jets fans hold this L

  9. He's playing really good. I really like him and how he plays. He's a reason why they almost beat New England

  10. They deleted the jets-patriots highlights video!

  11. U mean 3 tds

    Oh wait the jets got robbed

  12. The jets got robbed so bad and all of yall in the comments were saying the jets were gonna be 0-16 when rn they should be 4-2 tbh

  13. he’s underrated. he plays for a bad team which is why he doesn’t get any recognition

  14. Who’s here because he signed with eagles

    Use me as a agree button

  15. Love you josh hope to see you a Christmas ps what do you want! Love you cuz!

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