Julian Newman Responds to OVERRATED Chants w/ GAME WINNER!! CRAZY GAME, CRAZY FINISH! - voxelo.us


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Here’s Julian Newman responding back from overrated chants and hitting the game winner in overtime thriller against Colonial High School on their senior night.

We all know that the majority of Julian’s game are always in a hostile environment and gets the normal overrated chant from the student section or sometime a group of adults going off on him but that’s something Julian love and feed off from. Tonight’s game against Colonial High was intense with back to back basket exchanges from both teams and the main goal for Julian and his team was to not get blown out against their opponent on their senior night.

The score was all tied up going into the 4th quarter and Downey had the opportunity to win the game but the layup got blocked which it was a questionable call whether if it was a foul or not. Overtime gets by and Downey made a crucial turnover which almost cost them the game but Julian made a tough drive to the middle and made the game winner with ease. Colonial had one last chance but couldn’t finish and Downey gets the huge 88-87 win.

Julian finished with 29 points.
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  1. We just gonna ignore his petty ass flop? Hahaha

  2. Number 3 on the other team plays for Downey Christian Right now?!?!?!

    I mean number 23

  3. Did y’all notice number 3 on Julian Newman’s team played for this game go back and look when the red team comes out the locker room🤘🏽

  4. Lmao he jumped on him at the end then he got bodied to the ground

  5. yo #23 on the red team is the #3 on julians team rn😭😭😭

  6. I’m not sure, if he’s overrated; among most people who know basketball he’s just plain not rated.

  7. Typical bandwagons hating on small guy doing good.they just can’t stand seeing shorter smaller dude than them play good basketball

  8. 23 on the other team plays with Juliam now right

  9. Aye wasn’t that one kid his teammate this year Emanuel Maldonado? (number 23)

  10. When Julian got pushed I’ve never seen someone get pushed to the ground so fast in my life💀

  11. Hey ballislife is he going to Duke? Kansas? North Carolina?

  12. When it comes to b ball, height has a lot of genetic advantages. At this point, Newman has all of the numbers. Once he gets into college, every one will be taller and bigger.

  13. Is no. 23 from other team is the same guy that Downey have no. 3?

  14. Do you think your a better player you can't even win on lamelo bruh even Bronny James jr. Bro if you want a game I challenge you a 1on1 with me and see who's the better player

  15. They disrespect this litle young guy!
    Im happy watching dis especially julian he show dat basketball is not for big person or taller person only!real small but tirreble!!!

  16. Wait why is number 3 from julians team on the other team

  17. bro Emmanuel really left this school to play with Julian Newman…wow. He could've been doing so much better here but at least he got noticed now and has a d1 offer

  18. is #33 emmanuel maldonado? opposite team of julian

  19. Wtf is numer 23 emmanuel maldonado?

  20. poor kid to bad he probably be like coach for like a recreational park of somewhat just like his dad

  21. Why hasn't he been dropped yet? He puts his hands on players all the time…

  22. Damn all these positive comments didn’t age well😂

    And no one gonna talk about how Julian is playing Emmanuel Maldonado (number 23), who in the future joins Julian and carries him for the next 2 years and gets all the credit he deserves

  23. @ballislife is #23 Emmanuel Maldonado before he went to Downey Christian

  24. Is it just me or did Julian look a lot more better in this video than he does now

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