Julian Newman Responds to OVERRATED Chants w/ GAME WINNER!! CRAZY GAME, CRAZY FINISH! - voxelo.us


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Here’s Julian Newman responding back from overrated chants and hitting the game winner in overtime thriller against Colonial High School on their senior night.

We all know that the majority of Julian’s game are always in a hostile environment and gets the normal overrated chant from the student section or sometime a group of adults going off on him but that’s something Julian love and feed off from. Tonight’s game against Colonial High was intense with back to back basket exchanges from both teams and the main goal for Julian and his team was to not get blown out against their opponent on their senior night.

The score was all tied up going into the 4th quarter and Downey had the opportunity to win the game but the layup got blocked which it was a questionable call whether if it was a foul or not. Overtime gets by and Downey made a crucial turnover which almost cost them the game but Julian made a tough drive to the middle and made the game winner with ease. Colonial had one last chance but couldn’t finish and Downey gets the huge 88-87 win.

Julian finished with 29 points.
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  2. Been watching him come up since he was young. Kid can ball flat 🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽🖕🏽 the haters.

  3. Julian Newman is the crappiest player I've ever seen in my time watching ball is life. If he's on here I should be on here I would clamp him up any day of the week.

  4. I'm usually critical of him… But this kid is a competitor.

  5. Newman is actually not bad, why y’all hating ? 🙄

  6. even you can eat the whole ball height is still matter in basketball

  7. lmao I wanna see him get matched up against a sophomore like Rj Hampton or Josh Christopher and see how Julian does

  8. The haters in the comment probably 6 ft and mad they can’t ball like this dude lol

  9. Poor boy Nd Isaiah Thomas is 5 ft 9. This kid is 5’7. It’s a different NBA ppl can’t be a mugsy anymore defensive liability.

  10. I remember when he was a tiny little kid…. Now he got a big head. If i played against him i would rip his obnoxous head off, i'm so glad that guy flattened him.

  11. Most of the people chanting, “OVERRATED” come just to see Julian play amazingly

  12. Julian has amazing talent, especially for his height. He's practically unstoppable on offense. He's shooting 53% for 3pt. shots and 93% from the FT line. And many of his 3's are contested and/or deep. He could be the next Steph Curry. He may be an even better pure shooter. The problem I see is that he doesn't play defense. With his quickness, he should be letting anyone blow right by him, and just in this video I saw that happen several times. He's just standing around on defense most of the time. He'll never make it big in college or maybe someday in NBA if he doesn't learn how to play defense and he's a defensive liability. Maybe in addition to making 500 shots every day, and all his dribbling drills, he should also practice his step-slides and baseline-cutoffs. Get his butt down and play some defense! And that goes for most of the players on both teams in this video.

  13. 97 ovr, 3 star ball handling, layups,3pt

  14. Come on guys at least y'all give him some credit he plays up against tall players and everytime he fails he gets back. He feeds off hate all of the dumbasses out there, they're the underated ones.I don't care about likes or dislikes on this comment

  15. U should of told us who was who

  16. Smh his defense is terrible and being only 5'7" well that makes you a Target for taller players. These kids out here tall for nothing. Postem up

  17. I don't like Julian Newman like that but I can respect for stepping up to the plate when they needed him in this

  18. All these haters got stuff to say but I don’t see y’all out here hooping like him. If you not a hooper then keep your mouth close. I guarantee 99% if his haters don’t even ball.

  19. is that a kid with a beard???? weird … lol

  20. Racismo y odio en gringolandia

  21. Talented n hungry but selfish retention make him predictable. Has the skill set but needs to refine his attitude to be a balanced athlete esp if he wants to progress to higher level. Selectors analyse personality as well as form and cut out possible liability to a team, tough age n pressure so hopefully will temper over time…..truly hope he makes it. Unfortunately there's no cure for being a dwarf.

  22. 3:15 now I ain't hatin on nobody but the referee didn't even saw that Julian Newman stepped 7 times and no one even called travel WOW

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