Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs - voxelo.us

Kawhi Leonard CRAZY GAME-WINNER – Game 7 | Raptors vs 76ers | 2019 NBA Playoffs

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  1. Every time I see this, I feel worse for Embiid. I know it had to suck tremendously to go out on a shot like that

  2. And with that, Kawhi slipped into Clippers obscurity

  3. every day i thank jesus i got to see this game live

  4. It's literally the greatest buzzer beater shot ever.

  5. Most legendary clutch shot in nba history?

  6. It's off to Leonard, defended by Simmons, Is this the DAGGER?

  7. Best shot in NBA history 👌 former spurs too remember that hahaaaaa

  8. Bro I remember my mom screamed so loud when he made that shot she scared my sister

  9. NBA is garbage. He traveled when he caught the inbound pass before he dribbled.

  10. Amazing shot. Humanitarian of the year has to be Gasol for consoling Embid.

  11. I can't watch this enough lol, this is so good

  12. I remember seeing this on my TV and the next day at school, that’s all people would talk about! I was absolutely surprised by that! The one season rental of Kawhi Leonard paid off. Tho I wish he were still in a Raptors uniform. Kawhi in red seems legit.

  13. Joel embid will never forget that night he was crying like a baby girl

  14. I was there in the building when this happened. The building was actually shaking from all the cheering. People were crying. The best moment in sports I ever witnessed in my life.

  15. Said it then and say it now: THE greatest shot in NBA history.

  16. Greatest shot in the history of the nba imo

  17. Carried that ball hard asf and make the flukiest Jr smith ass shot I’ve ever seen

  18. Greatest shot in NBA history. Not even a debate.

  19. GAME. SERIES. TORONTO HAS WON. phenomenal call, harlan.

  20. The shot doesn’t even look real the way it bounces those last couple times. Almost as some unknown force interfered lol

  21. I’m a 76ers fan but I still can’t stop watching this, hands down the greatest buzzer beater in NBA history

  22. This and Kirk Gibson’s World Series home run !

  23. It was the year that god really wanted the Lebronto to win. Everything went right. Kawhi got there. Hit a lucky hail Mary with 4 bounces and Gsw 2 superstars got season ending injuries. God really wanted them to win that bad

  24. Travel on the inbound catch. should have never counted

  25. Is it me or did kwahi travel on that last possession? When he catches the ball and turns left, he takes two steps before dribbling the ball. Isn't that a travel? Even though he never pick up his dribbled before, Isn't it the same? If it was a travel, the refs missed a huge call and screwed the 76ers big time

  26. This was so good except he travels xd

  27. Only thing that would make this shot better is if the raptors were down by 1.

  28. Subbing to everybody, who is subs to me find outtt says:


  29. Bro khawi reaction after he shot the ball is so perfect

  30. As a Sixers fan I remember staring at a blank TV screen for 30 minutes in pure disbelief 🫢

  31. Greatest game 7 shot in history! Kawhi is that man. sheeesh.

  32. As a philly i still have nightmares from that night😓

  33. the most amazing thing about this shot is Ben Simmons is on the floor

  34. everyone remembers where they were when this and Dame’s series winner were made that season

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