Kirk Cousins' Crazy Game w/ 322 Yards & 3 TDs! | Redskins vs. Saints | Wk 11 Player HLs -

Kirk Cousins’ Crazy Game w/ 322 Yards & 3 TDs! | Redskins vs. Saints | Wk 11 Player HLs

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Don’t miss player highlights from Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins against the New Orleans Saints in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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  1. Serena Williams Loves Big White C0ck says:

    Kirk Cousins is a great QB, hopefully Redskins can get him some more weapons.

  2. Been watching Drew Brees in New Orleans for years. Cousins reminds me of a young Drew Brees… but the old man sent you to school. You can win the rest of your games easily.

  3. Anyone who blames my man Kirk for this is a complete fool. Kirk didn't give up 15 points in the last 3 minutes. Kirk isn't the one making the decision to run a backfield handoff on a 3rd and 1 when a QB sneak essentially wins you the game. Kirk isn't making arm tackles. If anything, Kirk is the ONLY reason why the Redskins have a shot at winning any games. Sign this man, please. #HTTR

  4. Brock Osweiler #YouAintStoppinBrock #GOAT #SB53 says:

    Kirk Cousins is so underrated. He is blamed every time the Redskins lose, yet his stats are crazy every game. I️ seriously don’t understand the hate towards him. If the Redskins don’t sign him next year they’re insanely dumb.

  5. In an interview Kirk said "we weren't making enough plays" well that's an understatement he shouldn't blame himself for are deffense that lost the game

  6. Even after this devastating loss, the Redskins need to do what the Packers did a year ago, "run the table." If they play as well as they did against the Saints, they can certainly do it

  7. Cousins >>> Dak. Dak sucks without elite O-line and pro-bowl run game. Coming from an Eagles fan.

  8. To everyone saying they wouldn’t have been in the game without him. You’re right! BUT, let’s look at the reverse. Kirk has 1 touchdown 2 picks, 153 yards going into the final drive. Having a terrible game but the defense gives him a chance. And he wins the game on a final drive, we praise him, as we should cause he stepped up in the big moment. I loved it in the Seattle game. But, this game he failed us big time. And people don’t want to acknowledge this. That throw out of bounds was incredibly stupid and set himself for that bad call. Then, he didn’t realize the clock was going and wasted 9 seconds before calling hike and still didn’t pick up the blitz. We can argue whether or not to pay him later after the season, but don’t let your love for him blind you to the fact he f’ed up which cost us the game in the end. #HTTR I hope Kirk puts this behind him and wins 6 in a row and sends us to the playoffs. Go Skins!

  9. Kirk gets no respect and he is tough as they come and a great qb

  10. I never actually watched this game and even seeing the stats I had no idea Kirk balled out this hard

  11. This year it was the Saints in New Orleans and last year it was the Packers in Green Bay. I’m impressed.

  12. Washington will miss kirk. his throws r just as good as any great qb. He's great at reading defensive set ups. Alex is good but he ain't no kirk.

  13. Denver Broncos 2018…11-5… Thanks Cousins!

  14. Imagine this performance with Denver D… Uh Oh… watch out AFC West!!

  15. You score 31 for the Vikings, you're going to win by about 20 points.

  16. It's good to see what the Vikings are getting at QB.

  17. Next video it will be Cousins to Thielen, Diggs, Rudolph & Cook.

  18. Man.. as a Vikings fan in Minnesota for years, I loved Case Keenum last year and didn't understand why they dumped him for Kirk Cousins. I still love Case but I now understand why after watching this video. He showed Drew Brees talent with the accurate lasers he was throwing in the highlights. If he can be smart with the football and maintain that accuracy he will be awesome on the Vikings along with that Defense. Hopefully the offensive line can give him time to throw and he will be very dangerous.

  19. "Mike Zimmer's hoping that we don't see Teddy Bridgewater all year…"

    The foreshadowing

  20. And to think we have fans that honestly think Teddy is better…

  21. @1:48 absolutely disgusting headshot on sliding QB. That defensive player is brain dead

  22. Funny how the skins still blew that lead and loss😂

  23. Bottom line is the Redskins didn't have a good defence

  24. Redskins you're dumb for letting cousins go

  25. 3:03 Mike Zimmer's hoping we don't see teddy Bridgewater all year.

  26. Show the parts where they blew the game!!!

  27. if it wasn't for that stupid intentional grounding call (which the NFL released a statement apologizing about that call the next day btw), dustin Hopkins would've kicked a game winning field goal.

  28. crazy seeing what a good offensive line can do

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