Krew plays crazy funny games in Crayta! -

Krew plays crazy funny games in Crayta!

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  1. I love funnehs avatar soooooooooo cool

  2. Omg lol, I just watched the livestream from 2018 (had to shot it up to 86) and i forgot to lower the volume.. lol

  3. Who thought that wa the intro was sponsored by epic games

  4. 😄 funny funny funny and the best youtuber ever guess the

  5. Funny: can ketchup lol haha funny : she fell

  6. aww man i cant play becuase its not available in my country philipines

  7. They were playing the hunger games🍧🍨🎂🍪🍣🍱🍲🍛🍡🍦

  8. Me thinking she said:can they catch up

    Me now:funneh said a pun>:3

  9. can we appreciate how Allen's hair at the start was fabulous?

  10. Funneh at start: It’s hard
    Few seconds later: It’s not that hard

  11. I just love the way they say "dude" in the intro

  12. Lol when they bullied Draco and they got karma and died in Floor is lava XD
    Edit: Funneh keeps on saying is EZ but keeps on dying lol

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