LaMelo Ball 11 Years Old BALLING vs OLDER KIDS!! Hits CRAZY GAME WINNER!!! So Much Confidence! -

LaMelo Ball 11 Years Old BALLING vs OLDER KIDS!! Hits CRAZY GAME WINNER!!! So Much Confidence!

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Here is 11 year old LaMelo Ball playing against 13 and 14 year olds at the 2014 Pangos Jr All American Camp and holding his own including a crazy game winner!
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  1. Just shows he's always been a shot happy and turnover pron player.

  2. He already wearing them MB1s back then…..

  3. Who is number 63 on the blue and 106 on the white?

  4. What freshman year of cassius was this?

  5. Cassius Stanley there still looking old as hell

  6. This man Cassius Stanley been having bunnies since a a kid wtf, I’m mad now

  7. Aau circuit is killing defense..this is where he learned his bad habits

  8. He’s been better than everyone. he played 18u at 11. thats crazy

  9. fucking dumb ass click bate nigga levels is not even in this vid so don't use his name

  10. Crazy it’s five years later and these guys are seniors or freshmen in college. Most of them lived up to the early hype

  11. If u look at the thumbnail lavar ball was digging in lamelo booty

  12. apparently he hit his first half court shot at 6
    thats why he uses that jumpshot to get power in his shot

  13. Melo is the smallest and youngest here but now he's better than everybody here.

  14. To be honest, I think that he is 13 and they are about 15 or 16


  16. Whatever happen to Melo Ball? Oh Snap— The kid is going top 5!

  17. It’s crazy to think that this kid is in the NBA now 🤯

  18. if he was born in 2001 and this was in 2014, how is he 11?

  19. Those kids were bigger and taller them him

  20. LaMelo makes a game winner after other team thought they did

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