LaMelo Ball DESTROYS Defender's ANKLES In Big Ballers CRAZY GAME vs Gamepoint Elite! LaVar WILDIN -

LaMelo Ball DESTROYS Defender’s ANKLES In Big Ballers CRAZY GAME vs Gamepoint Elite! LaVar WILDIN

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LaMelo Ball and Big Ballers faced off against a LEGIT adidas Uprising AAU Team in Gamepoint Elite today. Gamepoint took a big lead but as we’ve seen with the Big Ballers no lead is too big as they slowly climbed their way back into the game. LaMelo Ball finished with 40 points and some ridiculous highlights again. Ethan Anderson scored 21 points for Gamepoint with 17 coming in the second half. Look out for this young PG, he’s got a bright future!
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  1. LaMelo Destroys Defender's Balls with his Ankles.

  2. no ankles — he stepped on his foot — false advertising

  3. He didn't break his ankles, he steps on the guys foot in the step back.

  4. Lamelo straight up saved his teammate from someone else's highlight reel.

  5. that boi melo saved his homeboy from getting postirized😂

  6. Yoo check my channel out and sub please 💕

  7. Melo saved his teammate from getting bodied😂

  8. Me: never has seen lamello miss a shot
    Lamello missses a shot

  9. are most of these aau guys going to play college ball

  10. I feel like the defender fell on purpose because melo barely did a dribble move I think he fell to be in the hilights

  11. He didn't even brake his ankles he stepped on his shoe

  12. Lamelo isn't going to be as good as his older brothers if he doesn't start caring. You can tell he doesn't take it seriously. Nick young 2.0 or Jamal Crawford at best

  13. If u go to 224 seconds u can see a peace of the hoop hanging

  14. lemelo did not Crosse that teen up lemelo tripped him

  15. I don’t need the time where LaMelo breaks the kids ankles I need to know when he finds his defense

  16. I’m here after all 3 brothers made the nba

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