Lario - Mario on Drugs! ( Level 3 ) Crazy Game! -

Lario – Mario on Drugs! ( Level 3 ) Crazy Game!

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A combination of the classic Super Mario Bros game and drugs.

A trippy and yet challenging experience, in which you need to save the princesses by making them run into the pipes while getting along with a problematic camera-man.

Don’t take too many shrooms or you will overdose and lose grip on reality.


  1. Everybody wanna be a superstar, but never lario

  2. Everybody wants to be a superstar get a lot of money and drive fancy cars

  3. there is lario racing, lario app, lario machining, and lario couch. lario is life

  4. Mario needs to lay off the mushrooms…

  5. Does anyone know where I can find the music that plays when the game goes nuts and starts falling apart?

  6. Congrats. You are the first youtuber to beat a Lario level and post a video about it. Check the levels on the website if you're looking for some extra challenge 🙂

  7. Lmao this game is so funny, I'm glad you did a gameplay on this and it's one of the best ones I've seen on YouTube lol great job!

  8. Is this the actual music from the game?

  9. Joke-based concept aside, this looks like it's actually a pretty tough game so far, although a couple of other levels I've seen so far make this one look fairly easy by comparison. I doubt I'd be able to control it! :O

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