LeBron James CRAZY Full Game 7 Highlights vs Celtics 2018 Playoffs ECF - 35 Pts, 15 Reb, LeTHANOS - voxelo.us

LeBron James CRAZY Full Game 7 Highlights vs Celtics 2018 Playoffs ECF – 35 Pts, 15 Reb, LeTHANOS

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LeBron James 35 Pts 15 Reb 9 Ast Full Highlights | Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics – Game 7 | Eastern Conf Finals | 2018 NBA Playoffs
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  1. 'miss seeing Bron in the play offs to finals.

  2. This is the same Boston team which defeated giannis and co who were defending champs. 😐

  3. I think haters left the group when lebron talking about his greatness

  4. as much as i hate this man, this was probably the best game i ever saw him play. Literally was unstoppable and single handedly deatroyed the tics.

  5. 48 Mins. No KLove. Count it! Goaltend! And 1!

  6. I did not admire Lebrown until this game. Dominant player.

  7. Congrats to this Celtics team for going to the Finals after LeBron left the East

  8. First Al Horford finals since Lebron left east coast. Long run

  9. Crazy in 2018 it was almost Celtics vs warriors in finals 4 years later they meet again

  10. Some things never change 😂😂😂 lebron cooking the Celtics like it’s 2012 again

  11. monstrous inhuman dominance by Lebrun James !!!!

  12. The forever ‘Blocked by James’ is so epic

  13. Look who was on the floor with him. No second all star, Jeff green, George hill, jr smith, Tristan Thompson , Korver. No other player in the league or the last 20 years takes that team to the finals. By this time when love wasn’t hurt he was averaging like 13

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  15. crazy this cavs team has better shooting than lakers now

  16. If Houston beat golden state lebron would’ve won the chip

  17. The last play was just brute strength by the King

  18. man this is epic how LeBron single handed this celtics team

  19. if now this Cavs team can still dominate and defeat a game 7 series on this Celtics playing now in 2022 NBA finals. that's an honest and brutally truth! King James still the greatest up to this era!

  20. Imagine if KD was on this cavs team in lebrons place, they get swept or at most lose in 5 😂

  21. at like 1:47 when james backs down smart somebody says "damn!" lmao

  22. Y’all gotta realize all the starters on this lebron team this game either bench players, bench warmers, or just out the league. And he took these mofos to the finals wtf

  23. This game made me admit to myself that I've been a hater for too long. This was one of the greatest performances of a single player dragging a team to a victory I have seen.

  24. Playing for 48 minutes and getting a layup…what?

  25. This guy can control a game unlike any other in history.

  26. if the warriors didn't exist lebron would have easily obtained 3 more rings.. 7 rings.. 2018 would've been the best post season in NBA history.. shame that KD had to chicken out.

  27. 2018 Playoffs LeBron was something to hehold

  28. When LeBron decides to play at his potential no one is better Period

  29. 1:25 is proof LeBron flops to get calls. He clearly isn’t actually affected or hurt, dude took a full force blow to the face and took it in stride.

  30. The lakers shooters are so garbage that 4:03 makes me appreciate korver so much more, bron needs guys that can hit this. Game 7.

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