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Let’s Play World of Tanks – Episode 25 – Crazy games, plans and other stuff!

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Giving you some IS-3 gameplay and discussing about random stuff I wanted to talk about. Touching subjects such as which server to play on, experiences on servers, current clan, clan wars and others. I hope you enjoy! P.S. leave me a comment down there! 😀

World of Tanks:

Korpse Geist:

Korpse Geist 2 (Grinding clan):

Mods used:


  1. Hey bro just thinking to ask if it is posible to transfer my account from the EU server too the americam

  2. Tell me what do you think of the video and would you like to see some live footage, hope you enjoy! 🙂

  3. Asked a mod that question and he said it is not possible, they might enable that option in the future but they are not certain about it.

  4. I thought we were going to see your garage? Could you maybe make a video of a tour of it?

  5. Next video will be devoted to my garage! 😉

  6. Are you going down the Chinese tanks line? and love your WOT vids 🙂

  7. Cheers man! Not at the moment, don't have enough garage slots for the Chinese tanks.. :I

  8. Pretty much.. :/
    As for the live footage I will see if more people will be interested. 🙂

  9. By the way nice vid i gave it a like and a favorite

  10. Hey bro got a question what sould my username be for my NA server and i whant you to decide cuz you are my friend.

  11. Oh dude, I am terrible with names.. lol
    BTW, I want to mention this to people – If you are living in the Europe and are coming to the NA server, time difference will really be awful if you intend to play clan wars.

  12. I have no idea, seriously, I am the worst person to ask when it comes to coming up with names..

  13. what clan do i join? Korpse Geist or Korpse Geist 2

  14. KG is for clan war ready players with tier 10s. On the other hand, KG2 is the grinding clan, check the description, you will see links to clans there. P.S. you will have to be over 18.

  15. Do i need to be over 18 for the KG2 ? Cuz im 16 D:

  16. Do not let him fool you guys he is Pro name maker! Herpa Derp!

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