LLAMA SPiT challenge!! Adley Plays and Reviews fun family GAMES inside! who is the new game master? - voxelo.us

LLAMA SPiT challenge!! Adley Plays and Reviews fun family GAMES inside! who is the new game master?

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Mom and Dad play new games with Adley, and we let the vlog play with us!!


HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we have something really fun planned! We got a lot of new games and we wanted to play them and see how fun they are!! My mom, Dad, and I said we would meet downstairs to start the video, but I snuck down there before them and hid so I could surprise them!! We set up all the games into a giant wall and then dad knocked them over!! There were a lot of new games so we didn’t know which one to choose so we let my baby doll decide by flying into a game! The game she picked was a game where we had to stack different things on top of a Llama! If we took to long stacking our items on the llama he would spit at us and get us wet!! We had to play many rounds to get good at it but we figured it out and we mastered the game!! After we were done with that game we had to pick a new one and Dad had the great idea to blindfold me and let me wander around the room until I bumped into a new game! I started to explore and finally ran into the game Kerplunk!! My dad was telling me that he used to play it with his dad and I was excited to try out this game for myself! This game is where you put a lot of little straws into a tube and then put marbles on top! Then we took turns removing the straws until one of us made all the marbles fall out! Whoever had the least amount of marbles at the end of the game won! It was so fun playing with my family! Which games should we play next?!

my last video – BiRTHDAY surprise for MOM!! Adley & Dad decorate a Chocolate Cake and make Moms bday Party Poster!

my dad’s last video – welcome to UNiCORN iSLAND!! a Family Day at the Beach! first time swimming across the lake with kids

Bye vlog *pshhhhh*


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  8. ):just because we keep geting marbles does not mean we are bad at it we could be good at it.:-(

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