Luca Brecel claims win in a crazy game of snooker at the Scottish Open 2021 | Eurosport Snooker -

Luca Brecel claims win in a crazy game of snooker at the Scottish Open 2021 | Eurosport Snooker

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Watch the end of the match between Luca Brecel and Joe Perry at the Scottish Open 2021.

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  1. "Crazy game of snooker"8 min 28 sec of black and pick and white?is that how eurosport snooker does videos?

  2. Ну нервотрёпы😁😁😁❤️❤️❤️

  3. Anyone sense a great deal of sexual tension between these two green table warriors?

  4. Fill in the gaps from joe perry's thoughts when the white went behind the black… this is not my _ _ _ _ _ _ _ day….

  5. Bercel's luck will eventually run out ,I think 🤔

  6. Joe Perry should hang up his cue after that match

  7. Would hate to be Joe Perry.
    Turned pro the same year as ROS, Higgins and Williams, they’ve all won the triple crown and then some.
    Whereas Joe Perry has literally won fk all.

  8. So happy for brecel, looks like he's finally fulfilling his potential

  9. This is a really good win for Luca. To come back from the obvious deflation of Sunday night to win this would've been really difficult (as proven by how Hawkins and Kyren played this week after their respective runs in the UK).

  10. Is a tie at 67 points the most common? It certainly looks like it to me

  11. Perry game is too naive. He needs to play a little bit smarter.

  12. Always makes me laugh when one player gets a lucky fluke snooker then the other player misses the escape the player who got the fluke snooker has the cue ball replaced. 🤔

  13. Luca is on fire at the moment, best he's ever played. Should be interesting to see him in the new year's World's Championship's.

  14. Is Joe Perry the unluckiest player on the snooker tour.. He always seems to have the worst luck

  15. Fair play to anyone who actually watched 8+ minutes on the last two balls! I just fast-forwarded to see how the balls were potted.

  16. luca should have played pink after perry missing first time

  17. Amazing how luck and no skill can win you a snooker match felt sorry for perry a
    much better player than the Belgium bloke.

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