Luka Doncic CRAZY GAME-WINNER - Celtics vs Mavericks | February 23, 2020-21 NBA Season -

Luka Doncic CRAZY GAME-WINNER – Celtics vs Mavericks | February 23, 2020-21 NBA Season

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Boston Celtics vs Dallas Mavericks – Full Game Highlights | February 23, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season

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  1. Why do they let him get to that spot it’s his hot spot he has multiple game winners on the same spot and same move he is just goated but fr Play some fucking defense

  2. you know what hes gonna do

    are you gonna stop it tho?


  3. Does anyone else hate when someone hits a shot with 0.1 seconds left and it’s not a buzzer beater?

  4. Theres 3 things certain in this life: Death, taxes, and Luka drilling a left wing 3.

  5. wasn't crazy, let alone CRAZY. And actually it wasn't even officially a game winner, since there's still time on the clock.

  6. The hideous high ankle customarily contain because musician enthrallingly drip excluding a mute banjo. black-and-white, endurable bomb

  7. dat kid is special,probably has the most game winner this season&always seem 2 be the stepback three!!!!

  8. That was beautiful smoothest jump shot I ever seen look at how high he launches the ball in the air and then it comes down and swish really nice

  9. I like how his teammates hug him after , giving him that European style celebration

  10. Its a shame how white players have to be so much greater than black players in sports to get their full respect especially in basketball kinda disrespectful to black people when u think about it cause they hold white people to such a higher standard than they do black people hell look at tom brady tom brady can win 10 straight superbowls and they will still doubt him every year but a black player will get praise for two superbowls 😂 disrespect

  11. He walked,oops sorry i thought that was lebum for a sec there

  12. He gets anywhere he WANTS to get……

  13. Luka da don is definitely a bad man but jaylen brown is too good of a defender to give him that switch so easy no excuse for that

  14. I’m telling you Rick believes in Luka with the team, the Mavs are in Lukas hands! Thank you Mavs for years of Dirk and now Luka! MFFL

  15. That's Another Game Winner from his Favorite Spot. How About That?!

  16. Luka is goated,luka is just as much a freak of nature as giannis

  17. Luka Doncic Did it Again!! How Did He Do It?
    His Favorite Spot from the NBA Bubble? I Like It!

  18. Who’s here after he hit another game winner vs the Celtics

  19. Who's here after he hit a game winner AGAIN against the celtics🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂😂

  20. Who’s here after his second step back game winner ?

  21. Had to rewatch this after his game winner tonight 11-5-21

  22. whos here after he hit another one against the celtics

  23. Guess I’ll be that guy, who’s here after he did it again

  24. Coming back here after Luka hit another game winner against the Celtics last night 😂

  25. Here after what he did last night😭😭😭

  26. Who’s here after Luka did it to them again?🤣

  27. Who else is here after Luka just hit another stepback buzzer beater on the Celtics a year later lol 😂😂😂

  28. who’s coming back 2 this video 2 see that Luka just did it again the other night . Luka owns boston 😂😂

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