Luka Doncic Stays Hitting CRAZY Game-Winners 🔥 -

Luka Doncic Stays Hitting CRAZY Game-Winners 🔥

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  1. Most overrated white player of all time. It's only because he's white you guys are cheering him. As a fellow white marxist, we should not be cheering white players.

  2. Bro if he actually took care of his body he would be the best player in the League. He is just too lazy he and Zion needs the someone to wake them up

  3. This boy is so skilled 💪
    Get that mvp this season luka!

  4. He’s the most clutch player I ever seen in my life

  5. the separation from that step back was amazing, 3 celtics couldnt do anything 🙂

  6. The Kings crying in the corner everytime this happens.

  7. Durant on Luka: I think he’s built to be a star for sure. He transcends a lot of things because at that age, to be that smart and to be that polished it’s just rare.”

  8. He’s been described as a cross between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. The heir to Dirk Nowitzki. A phenom with the fire of Michael Jordan, the control of LeBron James and the panache of Stephen Curry.

  9. Luka Magic, this is the perfect definition

  10. Luka is Clutch & loves killing the Celtics. “Lakers Like a noted future L.A. Lakers Luka”

  11. 🏀🐘🐘🦍🦍🐖🐖🐖🦏🦏🦏

  12. This is how you know he’s gonna be one of the greats

  13. The NBA trying to sound cool in place of proper grammar in the title.

  14. Kids running the league, I'm jus afraid he wnt be motivated to stay in Dallas longterm

  15. The Greatest European Basketball Player of all time

  16. you got to give credit to luca magic for doing what he did through out his career shout out to luca doncic

  17. Lmaoo best part he doesn't even acknowledge porzingis after hitting the shot 😂 just runs right past him

  18. I get Luka making game winners and everything (because it's so normalized now), but how is he making contested 3s as buzzer beaters? That's nuts. You just can't stop his stepback anymore.


  19. Ok so Luka is the most unguarded player in nba history????
    He just stands there, takes his time, sets up the shot and shoots. And they’re either not guarding him or barely guarding him. I don’t get it.

  20. Now basketball goat will be a white man lol


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  22. Westbrook is out of balance. His energy predominates and the sensitivity is on ice

  23. Lukaaaaaaaaaaa……..Vlade Divac did you sleep in peace this night????? Bosnian people love's The Luka Magic…..My brother from another mother……Balkan broooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  24. Luka is simply amazing!!

  25. dont get me wrong here i love luka a lot & i'm also not very familiar with the rules but isn't lukas hand a but very much underneath the ball at the dribble at 0:32. and i mean it's also a bit dumb to dissect it like that but just to get it right

  26. Dude's built like Zion and playing point. The Euro's really brought something with them across the pond.

  27. The actual elninomaravilla of the nba and the actual don of the league. "Luka Doncic is a superstar"

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