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Michael Blue Has an INSANE Vertical :: Crazy Game Dunks

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Drove down to San Diego to meet up with Blue. This dude jumps SO HIGH!!! He is very raw and is gonna try to work on his tricks, but the hops alone are insane! This is mostly game footage because he was running games most of the time and there wasn’t a lot of “dunking time” in between games


  1. if you look closely hes not jumping hes using cheat codes, so f that

  2. What's with all these guys with super hops and colors for last names? Send this guy to the d-league and see if he can work is way into the association. 

  3. im pretty sure hes wearing a book cover on his head 

  4. U can't use cheat codes when u dunk bro 😂😂 @Upa Gammer

  5. buddy in the green looks like he's been throwing Michael Blue oops for a loooong time

  6. This guy is the human trampoline damn

  7. damn i played there in a tournament once thas hella crazy lmao

  8. This dudes standing dunk looks like my 2k guys standing dunk they jump so high

  9. this fool in the background actually had the audacity to say jump with him 😂

  10. He can jump so high but he has no creativity..

  11. +Dunkademics Mixes Do you know any of the workouts he does

  12. 1:22 is one of the most powerful dunks I've ever seen. Jesus fucking Christ

  13. this is still one of my fav dunk vids lmao

  14. Boring and stereotypical! Impress us with a 4.0 GPA or an advanced college degree….

  15. I wish I could jump that high. I also wish I knew people that played defense like this.

  16. Insane jumping ability! Didn't see any vertical leaps.

  17. i wonder if this guy can dunk, hes got game but he need to improve his hops

  18. I like jet blue style yheaa "está de huevos"…. I remember street hoop vídeo game

  19. What kind of game is this, they stand around like spectators…..?

  20. That dude is a machine he has grasshopper legs

  21. That mustard rag be makin his head look like capn crunch

  22. unreal explosiveness.he got nba tools

  23. He’s got a jet pack on under all those muscles

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