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Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)

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Minecraft 1.17 Speedrun World Record (CRAZY REACTION)

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  1. 만듣거자나 그리고주작

  2. This guy could be solving string theory, studying black holes… but he'd rather finish Minecraft

  3. У чела астма от того что он подстроил это прохождение

  4. Ммм мало хп у дракона, ммм эндер жемчуг на спавне

  5. The ender man: Wow what a great day in the end
    The player: /kill enderman
    The enderman: AHHhHhhHhHhH

  6. Bruh this is obviously staged he probably damaged the dragon so much that he was only a few hit’s away from killing it he probably shot the crystals out so the dragon can’t heal went back to the over world cuz he died and had basically nothing and said let’s speed run mc and fool everyone I’m not dumb this video is dumb

  7. ну вы не видите, у него в очках другое отражение

  8. I love geometry dash! thanks to the geometry dash that he gave us such one of the meme reactions!

  9. Кириешка со специями says:

    Ооо, повезло, повезло

  10. Really u stole the npesta reaction of him beating kenos

  11. Actually, this man was playing geometry dash, even with his glasses, you can see he was going through some very difficult level

  12. soo fake I mean how could.the dragon be two hit and the portal be already lit fake ass

  13. Зарвался грипер и открыл портал жиза 😂

  14. not real videos the ender dragon cannot have full HP ……..

  15. How come the dragon was already lifeless? This seems fake to me

  16. this is fake, the end portal cannot be activated and the end crystals are also taken out

  17. If anything, this person played Geometry Dash and passed Slaughterhouse – almost the most difficult level

  18. Definition of a real nerd hahahaha 😂 No offense btw

  19. клоун вставил реакцию другого человека

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