Minecraft SKYWARS - "CRAZY GAME!" - Minecraft w/ Ali-A! #19 - voxelo.us

Minecraft SKYWARS – “CRAZY GAME!” – Minecraft w/ Ali-A! #19

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Minecraft Skywars mini game w/ Ali-A – LETS GO! 😀
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Welcome to my Minecraft “SKYWARS” series! In this gamemode you start on a tiny island and have to gather resources to move onto other islands, and take out the other players! The aim to be the LAST one standing. If you go on to enjoy the video click “Like” and SUBSCRIBE for see all my future videos! 🙂

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  1. you ali a are the mannn you are so awesome.I really like your vids 😀😀😀

  2. ali you realize on the first time you did not get a ace beacuse somebody killed somebody

  3. Ali a island (i land) not island (is land) 😊 No offense

  4. lol i beated u in one match i just did "Cookie Slap"

  5. I've been yelling at you that you had your armour on! <3 lol

  6. What happened to the ali a server I liked it like it was

  7. u r soo lucky ali because my cousin typed in wizard hacs and I am banned because of him

  8. I heard the land of the ender pearl, just saying.

  9. Who wants more skywars in 2016

    Like if u agree

  10. this is why you need to look at what players are saying

  11. dont hurt the people that wants to be team with you if you dont stop i will unsubscribe and never ever watch your videos ever! sso please ali a stop it

  12. now will you stop killing the players that want to team with you! i mean they are just your fans you are they're idol what if you loose them all ali a!

  13. im not a player in your server because i play minecraft pe and not pc! so will you please stop doing that!

  14. ali a im your fan aswell i never miss at least one of your videos but whatching you kill them no idont think so

  15. He even said u have ur armour on at the starting

  16. too many people focus on u and dont fight thats how u win so much i could beat you

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