Minecraft SKYWARS - "CRAZY GAME!" - Minecraft w/ Ali-A! #19 - voxelo.us

Minecraft SKYWARS – “CRAZY GAME!” – Minecraft w/ Ali-A! #19

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Minecraft Skywars mini game w/ Ali-A – LETS GO! 😀
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Welcome to my Minecraft “SKYWARS” series! In this gamemode you start on a tiny island and have to gather resources to move onto other islands, and take out the other players! The aim to be the LAST one standing. If you go on to enjoy the video click “Like” and SUBSCRIBE for see all my future videos! 🙂

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  1. 11:05 you was told to take off ur armour. That was a fake ace sorry dude.

  2. Ali if we both did a skywars i would beat you anyday of the weak your not that good but all respect you are a great YouTuber and keep on doing what you are doing but will beat you just saying

  3. Omg I love alia so much that my whole room is finally been filled with everything alia in it I have been working on this project for months!!!! I AM YOUR #1 FAN ALIA

  4. cn u PLZZZZZZZZZ Stop using the cooking slap

  5. hey alia when are you go to be on your server

  6. Hi i was wondering if you could actually get on the server more and know your staff and realize they help keep your server running (:

  7. He even said it in the comments wait tak ur armour off

  8. AliA my man what a fail but still nice video.

  9. Stupid ftw Alia u stupid I'm ur biggest hater

  10. You roooooooooooooooccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkki
    Your so awwwwwwweeeeeeeesssssssooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeeee

  11. Practically, Ali didn't win against Lewis. He had his gear on. But still, good video!

  12. Funny how viewers noticed he was wearing armour during fight

  13. You didn't take your amor off for the one v one so you cheated

  14. Lewis eu has been un two episodes this one and hunger games

  15. Alia cheater!!!alia cheater..that Poor dude..

  16. Omg alia you looked at some one in the 1st game like face to back!

  17. Alia I finally been in a video yes!! 🙆👍

  18. Alia I finally been in a video yes!! 🙆👍 oh ye babby

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