More of this CRAZY game - HARVESTER -

More of this CRAZY game – HARVESTER

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Oney Plays Harvester for PC. This video of Harvester Gameplay / Walkthrough was recorded in 1080p as a “Let’s Play” or LP by OneyPlays for Boney Plays 2021.
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  1. There's something legitimately fantastic about what's going on in this game, even though the writer obviously has some really weird and fucked up ideas. It's like being inside the decayed mind of a trumptard.

  2. Γ ɐ ə ɘ ε β ɟ ɥ ɯ ɔ и ๏ ɹ ʁ says:

    i really want them to play through this game

  3. "I wish I lived somewhere where I could walk around and talk to crazy people all day"

    Chris you live in LA

  4. Please play harvester more harvester gaming mr meat hearvester

  5. if you dont keep playing this game i will commit a terrible act

  6. not much offends me as a gay homosexual, but this game managed it 😅

  7. I don't know why they apparently didn't record more, surely they must have known this would be a hit!

  8. There hasn’t been a new Harvester upload in a while and October is almost over. I hope they finish this entire game so bad it’s unreal. Harvester is one of my favorites and this game is literally perfect for the boys.

  9. Guys… I don't thinkt they're gonna finish it…

  10. Please finish this game… And bring Zach to play it!

  11. I really really REALLY hope they continue this game, it's so good

  12. So. This one isn’t going to get finished either.

  13. I hope you play more of this cus it seems really interesting!

  14. This is my favorite game. I hope they continue this Zach hypothetical of a game

  15. This is like if a hyper-specific fetish film maker did a take on Twin Peaks. The Lodge, the wasp lady/log lady, all the other characters. This shit is nuts.

  16. Good lord I’ve never seen something that was so perfectly wrong in so many ways all at once.

  17. If Zach is here for the new recording session this game would be perfect for him! God please more Harvester!

  18. You can't give us 40 episodes of Yiik but only 2 episodes of this masterpiece

  19. What's frustrating is that they never finish a game yet they played yiik for 40 episodes which wasn't really that fun to watch.

  20. It's admittedly refreshing to see a gay stereotype in something, its been a while.

  21. 17:10 "Dude, cut your hair and stop talking about yugioh". Well, Lyle, I could do one or the other, but not both.

  22. I love it when Chris references Grounded Grounded

  23. Speaking of stalker, they should play call of pripyat or shadows of chernobyl

  24. coming back to this, I could have sworn they watched the cut scene with the baby and the wasps… did they cut that out after the fact for the sake of youtube, or am i just tripping balls?

  25. Mr. Pottsdam is NOT Tomar! Well, maybe he is. I don’t know Tomar that well.

  26. When Lyle said "cut your hair and stop talking about yugioh all the time" it made me pause the video to take a good, hard look at myself hahaha

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