MSI GE75 Review - Crazy Gaming Power 💪💻 -

MSI GE75 Review – Crazy Gaming Power 💪💻

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The MSI GE75 is a thicker gaming laptop, but it’s packing some serious power inside with RTX 2080 Super at 150W, let’s check out how well it performs in this review.

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See how the MSI GE75 gaming laptop performs in 20 different games:

My screen response time testing explained:

More information on the VIVE Cosmos Elite used for VR testing:

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  1. WTF? Only 6 pounds and it contains an i9 and a RTX 2080 SUPER?

  2. How did it test lower than the 2070 and the Max Q configs in Farcry 5?


  4. I found this laptop on a great Black Friday deal, but I'm worried about it's immensely loud fans. Any suggestions?

  5. Is the ge 75 raider 10sgs better than the ge66 laptop in terms of fps in fortnite

  6. Hi Jarrod’sTech,

    What undervolt did you apply to this laptop at the time?

    I tried to undervolt but the Bios didn’t provide me the option so now I’m looking at trying to unlock the Bios with the steps you provided.

  7. Most underrated laptop tester. Should have millions of followers!

  8. Hello, how can i order this laptop in Azerbaijan?

  9. I think these GE series gaming laptops hit the sweet spot in terms of size and performance. Titan is too large, but the GS are so thin that it is hard to manage thermals. Plus the audio is worse on GS series. Anyway, this might be an upgrade to my MSI GT72s with 970M gpu and 6820hk cpu.

  10. i sell msi gamer pc, if you are interested, please reply, best regards

  11. Why would anyone want this laptop? Crappy i/o and 6 core cpu.

  12. I just got one today and already destroying everybody in Warzone. 😭

  13. Just got a job and this is the first thing I’m going for

  14. So is the gs66 stealth better or is this better?

  15. Jarrod, between ge75 and strix scar iii, which one do you think has better speaker? This will be useful. I dislike headphone due to make my ears sweat even conditioned room.

  16. Hello someone help me please, I don't know which laptop to choose I'm between the MSI GE75 or the Acer Predator Triton 300 I don't know which of the two would suit me better since I want to use it for my studies and for gaming

  17. Can do this laptop but 10th gen with 2060?!

  18. If you replace the 2666Mhz RAM with a 3200Mhz, will it run at 2666 still ?

  19. Which one is good? 144hz 240hz 300?? 😍😍

  20. a 2019 Acer Helios 700 with a 2080 pulls 185 watts and eats this 150w Super 2080!

  21. Hello
    I have msi ge75 17inch
    I7 10750h 6core
    32 ram
    Rtx 2070 super
    512 ssd
    Itb hdd
    Are this good for 3dmax rendering. Autocad . Lumion . Premier. Sony vegas ?

  22. Nice review. Maybe i missed it, but… can i turn the keyboard's lights off? Thanks!

  23. Could I play my vr on this laptop?? Help!!!

  24. I got the MSI GE75 with NVIDIA RTX 2060, 144 Hz display and intel core i7 and I am very happy with the way it performs. Such an amazing laptop for the price


  26. Does this screen experience screen tearing? Because It doesn't have G-sync… Wich laptop is similar to this one, but using G-sync ? Thank you guys!

  27. Why do all Australians add Rs to words that don't have Rs. Lol belowerrrrr

  28. I don’t know if it’s just me, but MSI’s always look really “messy” inside, especially because of the rat’s nest of heatpipes.

  29. Can someone tell me the price of this laptop? I'm considering buying this. Thanks in advance

  30. finally, after almost year of using this laptop, display doesn't work 😂👍

  31. I bought a GE 75 for Business use – the entire Adobe suite & Microsoft, and I have many apps in simultaneous use. I have a 2TB SSD and 32GB of RAM but will probably double that (I do not know the max, think it is 64) because of occasional graphics issues in Dreamweaver when moving small amounts of copy…

  32. 2:10 yeah you were right the widgets should have a stronger model for something this size and weight😓😫

  33. Thanks for the info on the 2666hz ram speed… You're the only person I've heard mention it and am still trying to get all the info I can on max ram upgrades. I went ahead and picked the laptop up anyway as I'm sure I can cram more ram in it that I'll notice(the 32gig I am getting with mine is a huge upgrade from the 16 I'm used to, which are still more than I've been used to for… Forever. XD I plan to use it for flatscreen ve gaming, as well as VR modded flatscreen gaming and regular ve gaming…
    I'm hoping it can drive the quest2 120hz screens with reasonable gfz settings(again, I'm accustomed to 40hz fps at rather low to mid settings on integrated Ryzen 7 and lower laptops… This is gonna be night and day for me and am really hoping it facilitates me finally having enough power to dev in VR without taking decades of time and effort
    Thatnks for the content, and if you've learned anything more about the ram speed and max capacity, please, by all means let me know 👍👍👌

  34. Anyone know what version is next after this one? Or the latest model?

  35. I got my MSI GE75 2020 model laptop two days ago and I'm happy. I got mine on Facebook for $750.

  36. RAM 2933? i7-10875H and i9-10980HK 3200 I think..

  37. what does the undervolting gives you performance boost? thought it should be other way around…and does it help to low CPU temperature? thank you

  38. my ge75 cannot use the dragoncenter 2.0 help it doesn't have home button :((((

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