MURDER Funny Endings - Good Ending Wedding - Favorite Flash Games -

MURDER Funny Endings – Good Ending Wedding – Favorite Flash Games

Alex Game Style
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MURDER Funny Endings – Good Ending Wedding – Favorite Flash Games
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  1. Buenos recuerdos…
    Una pregunta, sos español o…?

  2. 2:58 Español: Pobrecito el no quería hacerle daño XD
    Ingles: Poor thing he didn't want to hurt her XD

  3. 1:07 either way he was going to die because he forgot to wind Puppet’s music box

  4. O video:BRASILEIRO
    os comentarios:gringos!

  5. I wonder the same thing and blue skull but different character what happens to one hey get samara but when you die of old age

  6. This game is why i fell in love jesters for
    Some reason 🤣

  7. This must have been when spy where born
    Due to everybody backstabbing themselves

  8. Wow This Is VEEERY Hard To Do To Get The Ending

  9. people who think games are fun : n a m e g a m e p l s s s

  10. It so funny that the reigning king gets old but his murderer didn't. Lol.

  11. Wow this kingdom is losing it’s population by the minutes

  12. No one gonna point out how long the hallway is?

  13. It honestly worries me what happened to the first dynasty. XD

  14. I…I never knew you could interact with the passageway…

  15. Ending 1 man pooping then stabbed in chest by crown ending 2 man hug king and they get married and are gay

  16. Bad kingdom lol they just wanna take the crown

  17. My guy be looking like a rejected nightmare before Christmas character.

  18. So this game is basically everyone trying to overthrow the king

  19. I swear i was getting even more anxiety every time the line was almost full, i never managed to murder the king once, but tried for years ;-;

  20. Бля что за арабы в комментариях я думала тут русские

  21. I was trying to find this game forever! I played this game when i was little

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