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My Game Room is a TERRIBLE MESS, this Game Room TOUR video isn’t the BEST idea. Nintendo Switch Games, PS4, Xbox & Retro Games. I have had HUGE Game Rooms (some ruined by floods) I don’t have the space anymore for my video game collection. But you know, whatever watch this maybe. SUBSCRIBE!

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All those asking what I use to make my videos, I made a list 😃


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  1. Great job! But my OCD is going off the chart cuz I keep my games in alphabetical order haha

  2. I especially love the Zelda collection. Really organized, and looks great. Can tell you guys put alot of work into your game room.

  3. imagine robbing a house and you walk in and see 1000000 dollars worth of video games

  4. I gotta ask what organization format you use? Cause your games are definitely not alphabetized.

  5. Those are awesome shelves, wondering where you got them. I would really enjoy, not the exact same, but something along the same lines!!!

  6. Wow thats a sick collection! I wish I had the space to expand mine hahaha

  7. My favourite item in your Game room is the amount of switch games you have. they look beautiful 🕹😃

  8. “Hannah Montana the movie” “As far as game games go” 😂

  9. The physical copy of games is strong with this one

  10. Bro I still have yoshis island from back then, got the old console to

  11. Must he always make such a fuss about taking "B-roll footage" ? Just shoot the video and stop worrying that we care if it's B-roll or not.

  12. Where did those shelves come from? Ive been looking for something just like that

  13. Mine are the switch games you own and that sonic statue

  14. Jealous, you got the Botw Master Edition. And the Zelda Game & Watch. Subbed

  15. imagine just all of that during a earthquake, O_O

  16. I STILL CARE ABOUT VR GAMES!!!! If it’s something you still really enjoy, and would like to do, I’d gladly watch more videos of you playing VR. 😄
    P.S. Love this video. Keep up the awesome work Wood!

  17. You forgot your WiiU stuff I was looking foward to that.

  18. I have a question is DC super villains good?

  19. You could go to Home Depot or Lowe's and buy some Wood…..Hawker no pun intended and consolidated the space. My game room is similar and created alot more space. That closet could be a walk in game shelf.

  20. No Devil Summoner doll? How dare you.

  21. It hurts me to see the gamecube logo at the top of the spine.

  22. Kim: Helpful tip Fellas, you should marry an artist so you don't have to buy art.
    Me being an artist: thats a brilliant idea

  23. That Back to the Future board alone is the best part of the room to me (Besides Turboman that’s fricking awesome!)

  24. “Just Amiibos I find for cheap” says the man while the camera is pointing at the Sonic Amiibo😂

  25. I've seen Jordan on Lamarr Wilson's channel too! He must be a great go to editor for gaming Youtube channels.

  26. Im sad because the psp was my favorite handheld because it was my first console and it made my starting become a gamer and my dad thought it was broken somhe trow it away and now i cant play all my games from the psp

  27. This only got 300k but i bet 1.5million subscribers would love to see the 2022 edition! Lol just shout out ya boy (upcoming fellow switch content creator! Would love to collab)

  28. PLEASEEEEE do another one of these!! They're so fun!!!

  29. Hey super Retrogaming Sammlung Gratulation und Kompliment an dich super prima klasse Sammlung auf Retrogaming viele Grüße von Giuseppe Scrofani aus Deutschland 🤗😊🏡👌❤️👍🌟💯❤️💪💯🌟👏😊🏡👌👍❤️🤗🤗🏡🤗🤗🤗🏡🤗

  30. I she ever does the pillows again i would get one.

  31. Can I get a commission from Kim. My gf loves Machop and I can never find one.

  32. Once Michael The Lord's Archistratiq
    Super punched Satan 100 blows in 1 strike.
    Quite the Beat Em Up.

  33. Did we ever figure out where the shelves came from and which shelves they are?

  34. Accidently uploading my Game Room Tour the same day as RGT85 😔 FEELS BAD MAN! Please make sure to check out his Game Room later today! Follow me on Twitter @beatemupswood for updates!

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