New Galaxy! Crazy Game! 6 Dark Star Wukong 3 WTF!? | TFT Galaxies | Teamfight Tactics -

New Galaxy! Crazy Game! 6 Dark Star Wukong 3 WTF!? | TFT Galaxies | Teamfight Tactics

Mortdog – TFT
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Ok this game has it all. We test out the new Galaxy called “Salvage World”, we try out some buggy stuff that allowed us to cheat a little, we hit Wukong 3 and Dark Star 6 with 4 Mystic 4 Vanguard…just a WILD GAME.

Originally Aired: Patch 10.16 PBE – July 25th, 2020




  1. This Galaxy is awesome I'd love to see traces of it in regular tft.

  2. Wonderful video…
    🙏🙏Those persons who read this I pray to give u and your family 💯 years more lifee🙏🙏
    Subscribe us…iaia

  3. man dude you really ruined this set i cant even play the game w/o thinking about you smug face saying "cmon man the best players shouldn't always win"…like dude you suck at your own game you just change the stats every week and go with what you just made good like thats so sad.STOP streaming and start fixing this trash before you lose your entire player base just like league did you brain dead nut.

  4. Woah this lets you transition from one build to the other so easily pog

  5. This galaxy is great, I love being given the option to early slam items for win streaking, also means you're not feeling tied down to a comp early game based on what your first few sets of items are

  6. The chance of getting a galaxy that has 1/10(10%) chance 9 times in a row is 1 in a billion.
    so.. since a lot of people play this game and a lot of games instances are made,
    the chance to for someone to get seeded in 9 games of the same galaxy becomes a little more likely than 1 in a billion.
    However the chance of it occurring to a specific person is 1 in a billion.

  7. Mort: Lets be honourable.
    Also Mort: Hihihi (after abusing the FoN spatula bug)
    Also Mort: GG

  8. So I'm going to have to unsubscribe, I thought you were cool but you prefer waffles over pancakes 😢😢

  9. wait, doesn't this galaxy stop me from putting full items on characters that have a component on them?

  10. thx you mort for once making this Galaxy,see u later in tft

  11. Best thing about this Galaxy is that you can take a useless item like a Rebel spat and turn it into a FoN+Vest Item. Really like this Idea!

  12. Please mort next set include darkin trait so I can run Aatrox every game

  13. I like your videos and the insights you give. But don't do those click baits. I stopped watching those videos, scarra does it too. It almost always gives an underwhelming feeling to the end

  14. Probably gonna be one of the funnest galaxies ever imo. Being able to slam any items early game and not be locked to the same items makes the games sooooo much more versatile.

  15. Can this just be a mechanic of all galaxies from now on please?

  16. Fon needs to be attached to a champ or during the round someone can sell and get an extra 2 traits potentially

  17. omg i was asking for this galaxy for so long _

  18. Props mort, every video your chat seems to be annoying lmao it’s like %80 of them don’t play and just ask you what to do. Your patience is god-tier

  19. I have a question what do yall think of me making a Xayah full ap to increase her attack speed

  20. Best part of this galaxy is that it promotes pushing a strong early game by being able to swap of things like static shiv and ZZ'rot for other items later

  21. i like how he titled “Wukong 3 WTF!!” Hahahahahahhaahah

  22. this galaxy is absolute chaos
    damn I love the idea, but i'm not sure if I can play it well

  23. Your account wass banned for abusing an exploit.

  24. i thought trade sector should be implemented into base line tft, but this is also interesting

  25. I think this galaxy, shouldn't be a galaxy just a normal thing. THAT WOULD MAKE SENSE 100%.
    Also Mordog I won't post it on reddit or anywere, so I post it there to you by giving an example for a New TFT Galaxy, to wide a bench of the next 9 slots under.

  26. is there a reason why i've never seen u play a Mech-game ? Don't you like it ? Or is it just a bad comp ?
    anyway, thanks for your video's man, i have a blast watching them an they are very educational ! keep up the good work man !


  27. Hi!
    I am kinda frustrated..
    I had 2 GP´s and 1 Gold on the bank, an then a GP showed up in my store.
    I was fighting against Kayn and eventually get 4 Gold or better from him. Thats why i thought i dont havbe to lock my shop for my 3rd GP.
    However.. the lootboxes with the said 4 Gold droppe so low, and before i could collect all the money on the floor the next round alreadey started and I couldnt buy that 3rd GP…
    IMO the Time to collect the Money and Boxes has to be higher cause I had no chance, although i was fully prepared and ready, to collect everything!

    I hope you read this and take it to consideration!
    (sorry that I write here, if there is a better way to contact you for something like this pls tell me!)
    Your sincerely

  28. This Galaxy requires some big brain moves

  29. imagine someone completely rebuilding a comp in 10 seconds at 9.

  30. When I saw the title I expected regular dark stars, not this
    Rip to the bug though woulda been funny to play with

  31. Mort: I need to stop getting upset with chat
    2 mins later Mort is pissed.
    I dont know why the hell you take everything so personally. Either you stream and have people say stupid OPINIONS or dont but stop with the bs attitude. Ignore it or stop because you're getting too toxic. And can stop watching you whenever but I love the content you put out minus the you getting mad about every stupid opinion.

  32. That "Oh god" after seeing the bug 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  33. Hi mort,
    I really enjoy your channel and i have learned a lot about tft from you.

    The majority of the time I play on the mobile version, and since the launch of the game on Android I was hoping that the bug will be fixed with time, but it's always here.
    The bug is, when you accidentally touch the "recent apps button" during a game and tries to go back to the tft app, the app just freezes, and I have to close it all and reopen it again, which means i have to wait that reconnection time again, and it makes me lose lot of gold champs or even games during ranked.
    So i hope that this will be fixed

  34. excelent galaxy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like this

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