NFL Craziest "Game Winners" But They Get Increasingly Crazier -

NFL Craziest “Game Winners” But They Get Increasingly Crazier

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NFL Craziest “Game Winners” But They Get Increasingly Crazier



  1. Aaron Rodgers’s Hail Mary is a legendary moment to all gb fans

  2. Damn no James White SB OT TD? If we are talking about crazy

  3. For the bills vikings game i was wonder why they chose to throw the ball 7:24

  4. I still think that int on the packers and cards game was rigged you can tell by the way he was acting throwing his hands up as soon as he picked it it’s obvious

  5. Raiders is my squad but the NFL committee gave them the game, that kicq 6:04 was far right. aka Blaze

  6. Is nobody gonna talk abt how the right end on the blocked field goal for the ravens was offsides

  7. The saints crazy final play followed by the missed field goal might be one of the most insane game-enders ever

  8. Crazy? A few, perhaps, but most of these are pretty standard.

  9. 10:54 I remember I was coming home from a band concert in 5th grade and got to see the end of this game. Rogers to Rodgers baby!!!

  10. Frking hilarious first clip. Deserved being included (:

  11. They should have shown the Hail Mary leading up to the Green Bay win against the Cardinals. That was insane. 7:51

  12. The first clip, the announcer said the Cowboys “needed a miracle”…ok so the “crazy game winning play” was simply just preventing the Cowboys from creating a miracle…yeah what a crazy game winning play by the 49ers.

  13. 11:55 #38 punching the air in frustration just as the fireworks shoot will always be funny to me 😅

  14. Bro the browns vs the ravens souls of been offsides on the ravens but the refs didn’t call it

  15. as a michael vick stan, the christmas comeback was the greatest thing i ever witnessed

  16. As a patriots fan, I can confirm that the Miami miracle was very frustrating

  17. Josh Allen's only consistency is inconsistency

  18. The one with all the flags had me dying

  19. whoever made this video obviously hates the cowboys 😭😭

  20. What a asshole playing football like that

  21. That 66 yard field goal for Baltimore should’ve never happened

  22. “WILL HILL WITH THE BLOCKED PUNT” got me cracking up

  23. I have 2 words to say. STEFON DIGGS

  24. As a giants fan, I watched for the thumbnail

  25. God that Miami Miracle gives me chills every time I see it

  26. for the ravens and browns clip number 41 on the right he false start

  27. I remember feeling so bad for the Lions on the 66 yard field goal. They were such a bad team that year and the few games they managed to put themselves in a position to win, they still ended up losing.

    Just seemed like every chance they had for a hard luck loss resulted in a hard luck loss that season.

  28. Dolphins wearing their real uniforms, beating the Patriotics with Gronk playing safety just gives me warm fuzzies. I hate the Pats, always have, and love the real, Aqua and Orange opposed to the lgbtlmnop+ dolphin in teal and peach.

  29. Patrick petersons punt return was insane.

  30. It's crazy cuz i was checking out the scores of throughout my smartphone like everytime. Btw the raiders and chiefs game. I'm a truly raiders fan! Derek carr throw the ball to deshawn from the same opponent corner and middle of it. It's was red flag for pushing him up, passing line and grab his Jersey. It was crazy tho! Lol but go! Las Vegas raiders nations 4life!!!!

  31. bro all of you kc won the game vs the oak because the deffdener took him down and the ball was not in the endzone so the kc won the time was 4:20

  32. Bruh every time I see the Minneapolis Miracle, I get chills. The play. The commentary by Joe Buck. It was all just too perfect.😂

  33. That last play had more flags than a parade! 🚩😂

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