NFL Most Crazy Controversial Endings to Games -

NFL Most Crazy Controversial Endings to Games

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  1. Packers did intercept it I was for seahacks but your a dumbshit if you think it was a TD

  2. I don't know football but I want to know which team is the best of all time.

  3. The one where he caught it but the ball hit the ground and he lost control it should have been a TD the ball crossed the plain and the rule is if it crosses it at all it’s a TD so that was a TD

  4. Still say even if it wasn’t a touchdown, that lions game shouldn’t have ended that way

  5. 10 second runoff should not be able to end the game

  6. Wasnt there a DEN – SF game where the 9ers line up to kick a game tieing FG and fans started throwing snow balls at the kicker?


  8. The Bears, Lions game at 6:15…… that sounds a lot like the same announcer that calls the Reds games

  9. Isn’t the last one supposed to be a touch back

  10. The ten second runoff only should work for injuries. The lions game the referee gave the bad call and lost them the game. The lions could've spiked the ball.

  11. “We the jury find the defendant, not guilty of all charges. However. Due to the 10 second run off rule, he is sentenced to death”

  12. Imma jaguar fan but Jennings undoubtably intercepted that ball

  13. It seems to me that if a player possesses the ball at any moment in the end zone then it should be a touchdown. who cares about anything that might happen after that?

  14. THIS VIDEO is the reason why I can't stand football. Never will.

  15. Umpires love to control who wins. Gotta wonda how much they get paid and by who?

  16. I was at that lions vs. Falcons game a shit ton of people walked out right when we scored then people ran back in swinging on falcons Detroit

  17. Amazing to see how bad the refs are to not see pint blank that Jennings got that interception

  18. First 2 videos were mistakes. Jennings intercepted the pass, and the second one he has possession then reaches for the endzone which is a touchdown.

  19. It used to always be the Ground cannot cause a fumble, including if your hands and the ball strike the ground at once. NFL tinkered with its rules so badly since 1970s when I became a teen fan itsunwatchable most days now. NFLs strict limits on celebrations after a score are annoying too . Let em do it ,they are men tough men that ought to have thick skins too. It's not about unsportsmanlike conduct , it's about teaching American athletes slavish attitudes before authority , in this case officials and then NFL commissioners office. Tell me you know officials who got canned for bad calls ,I will change my mind.

  20. Jesse james didn't catch it and if he did he'd be down at the 1 or yard line

  21. 4:55 people are so stupid, how is that a forward pass when 1, he went back to get it. And 2, it was sideways. That was not a coward pass.

  22. Should be a 10-15 yard penalty instead of 10 second run off

  23. The 10 second rin off rule is absolutely garbage, especially when the opposition purposely injures another player just to end the game.

  24. Summary: Tate committed offensive interference by shoving a Packer out of the way…..then gets awarded the touchdown by having his hand on the ball that another Packer catches.

  25. The refs have the hardest job on the field. They always wrong in the eyes of the loser

  26. Yooo how is that a TD , 😐 that was an interception

  27. Wow!!!! ….as I slow down the video.. you look at the replay you can see Jennings has the Ball in his hand.. there no way that can't be a touchdown by Seattle!

  28. The Music City Miracle will always haunt me. The best chance the Jags had at a superbowl and we were so close to not having to play the titans a third time that would've given us a shot at the Rams.

  29. I find it stupid that the team gets punished for the refs making the wrong call, reviewing it, then saying the clock should have still been running

  30. Raiders are somehow the luckiest and unluckiest franchises ever

  31. 8L18 CORRECT call and even IF they HAD called PI, and they had tried the kick again and made it, it WOULDN"T have counted even if he had made it because the game clock expired.

  32. 7:54 I’m gonna be honest, I prefer the other commentators that were in a different broadcast of that game compared to the one’s showed here and in virtually every other video this was included in. I don’t know why, probably for how dramatic the commentators sounded in the former, rather than the latter.

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