NHL 15: Toronto Maple Leafs - Season ep. 41 "Crazy Game LD / Minnesota" - voxelo.us

NHL 15: Toronto Maple Leafs – Season ep. 41 “Crazy Game LD / Minnesota”

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  1. please do highlights instead of full games. it gets boring after a while. you can fit multiple games in one video. like if you agree

  2. Don't go back too rimer. The rime minister of defense my ass

  3. I like this a lot more. I hadn't thought of doing this in my GM mode. I probably will now. Good idea.

  4. Its much better when your one player and it also gives you time to change the strategies… Great game though

  5. berny just beat the flyers and stopped 47 of 49 shots that's mvp right there 

  6. The reason why I like it when u take control of the maple leafs but as one player it's just be a pro nhl player i though this was a gm mode gameplay

  7. Go back to full control. It's not as interesting when u control just one player

  8. Even tho he was just traded clarkson played good. Maybe good passes got in on the forecheck.

  9. Get Keith Aulie from the oilers for depth on d. He's a decent overall at 78 and he's 6'5'' with little trade value at 25 years old

  10. Hey! New sub here 🙂 I'm really liking these gameplays, they're fun, exciting and unpredictable. Keep up the good work! 

  11. Is this game better on Xbox One or PS4? Its quite literally the deciding factor as to which console I buy first.

  12. Joffrey was the player of the game and I say next game you should be center. It seems to me as if you are having more fun when you are playing an individual position.

  13. i dont think you should do the player lock. When you use the whole team it shows how good you really are at the game. I like when you use the whole team

  14. Play C or goalie! Hell, just don't pick sides and let the great AI play it self!

  15. maybe you have the slider set to "dump the puck" and that's why they go offside all the time

  16. Those game more fun and realistic. Don't listen to these guys. Keep locking your position.

  17. Take off the specific player thing don't play as one position

  18. Keep doing these games with position lock please!!!!!

  19. I like the idea of position lock then whole team then position lock keep it up Johnny

  20. Stick with playing just one position, it's more interesting.

  21. Please be center next game  you will most likely get better players to play as

  22. 6:20 – Clarkson gets hit, stick flies into the boards. He plays without, rather than skating to the bench.

    6:35 – Stick randomly generates back into his hands. 

    Bravo EA, bravo…

  23. When you have the lead in the last minute, make sure you make your players defend the net through the defensive switch menu.

  24. The rotation should go C, lw, rw, ld, rd, full control

  25. Toronto keeps losing because they want last place for a good draft pick

  26. how do you one-time goals when using the whole team?

  27. i think that you should trade someone on your team with alot of potentital on your team because you would be shocked who you could get back and use your full team

  28. LUPUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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