Nicholls vs #1 LSU Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights -

Nicholls vs #1 LSU Highlights (Crazy Game!) | 2023 College Baseball Highlights

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Nicholls Baseball and LSU Baseball played in a mid-week game during the 2023 College Baseball Season.

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  1. Number 1 team in the country, yeah right!!! Gamecocks way better, deeper roster. 4 starters out, still best record in SEC, tied for best record in the country!!!!
    Where is D1 baseball published out of Baton Rouge Louisiana??? Homers🤬

  2. I'm an LSU fan but my whole family went to Nicholls, so this was bittersweet. Nicholls deserved this game 100%!

  3. Wait did that catch not hit the wall first?

  4. Bottom 9
    0 outs
    Runners on First and Second

  5. Easily the worst game lsu has ever played

  6. Nicholls fielders were drinking Michaels Secret Stuff each time they hit the dugout

  7. I was ready for my standard remark that great teams like LSU don't play their best pitchers when playing "second tier" teams, but damn, Nicholls's great defense won this game.

  8. Great defense by Nicholls to keep LSU at bay. Sloppy play by LSU to keep Nicholls in it.

  9. lsu needs to drop in the rankings, there are better teams behind them

  10. Those great catches were the difference in 3-4 runs, easily.

  11. Nicholls was celebrating like they just won the world series 😂

  12. That catch to end the game is fucking crazy

  13. LSU can not keep losing these mid week games. Nicholls deserved to win 100% with a ton of defensive gems. Tough lose.

  14. 11:02 if the pitcher is in the right position they save a run right there…

  15. You can PUCKER UP and 💋 lswho goodnight 😂

  16. The Colonels had One of the best defensive games I’ve seen

  17. Defense and bullpen gonna be the reason lsu doesn’t win it all

  18. my older cousin plays for nicholls, i got to train there a few years ago my freshman year with him and met the coaches and team. great game for sure

  19. Lsu may not be #1 after this weekend 😮

  20. U can pucker up Nicolls wins this game and downs the #1 Team in the Nation wow.

  21. All teams have a bad night and LSU had an abysmal one. Shout out to Nicholls, they came to play

  22. Tcu vs DBU late comeback for the Frogs.

  23. ffs we are garbage against these in state OOC opponents. Pathetic showing. Get better, this aint it. I hope they lose #1

  24. Love watching LSU play (they’re ‘22 Tennessee without the extra shii), but I was extremely happy for nichols. They played well and never let the moment get too big for them. They went in with nothing to lose, and came out with everything to gain in these next two months💯🫡


  26. LSU dont know how to squeeze? Small ball would have won that game.

  27. Nicholls players will be telling their grandchildren about how they beat the #1 team. Great catches, alert base running, clutch hitting. It was their night. Way to go Colonels.

  28. Was Washington not even wanting to play this game? 2 times he gave up.

  29. One of the most incredible defensive performances I’ve ever seen in a college baseball game. That catch in left field was reminiscent of Jared Foster and I didn’t think I’d ever see a catch that good in Alex Box again. Then nichols goes an makes 5 maybe 6 plays on that level in one game. Incredible

  30. Washington has 0 baseball IQ or just overall awareness.

  31. aint no way Washington forgor the outs then fogor to touch home

  32. Dude, I'm telling you, I just started watching college baseball the past few weeks and man.. it's so much more exciting than the MLB.

  33. That’s why you always touch the plate on a close play

  34. Not saying LSU is bad I'm just saying they lack the dominance to be a #1 team. I know it's a midweek game but still.

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