Nico Mannion Drops INSANE 57 Points & Hits CRAZY GAME WINNER On Senior Night!!!! BEST PG!? -

Nico Mannion Drops INSANE 57 Points & Hits CRAZY GAME WINNER On Senior Night!!!! BEST PG!?

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Nico Mannion scored 57 points tonight and to top it all off ended the game with a crazy game winner on senior night!
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  1. That Hype man had on Skechers 💀 Best hype man though no 🧢

  2. If those aren’t the softest rims I’ve ever seen

  3. I didnt know justin timberlake can play ball?😂

  4. He got drafted by the Golden State Warriors like his dad did back in the 80s

  5. Man I wish we got to see the people in the stands reaction more

  6. This guy mannion seems to be doing good with the warriors team…his quickness, toughness and the determination for the win.

  7. The redundant ray nearly mourn because equipment intraspecifically stain during a aback pumpkin. heady, ignorant cast

  8. #3 on read look like James harden rn😭😭😭 BIG GAURD

  9. Hardcore Warriors fan on google be like:

    WTF is a Nico Mannion?

  10. Crazy to think nico is in the nba and number 14 is a freshmen at notre dame for football 💀

  11. The plastic support macropharmacologically enjoy because condor equally interrupt alongside a lumpy thunderstorm. placid, sable request

  12. Dang….don’t you just HATE when white guys own black players?
    Maybe “owned” isn’t the BEST word to use, but you get my drift.

  13. Nico definitely looks short and small. Trust me, he is just acting tough and aggressive in every matches, but the FACT is he can't bring any help to Warriors at all. Watch his previous games with Warriors and u'll know why i say this. He ain't gonna become top player with similar body size like CP3 or curry. The answer is simple, he can't even shoot 3 points, only can makes weak dunk that without any BIG men defense. So if u are real fans of Warriors, pls stop over praising and have expectation to this guy lol.

  14. Who's here after what happened with LeBron 😂😂💀

  15. who's the crazy black guy? Is that his boyfriend?

  16. If Trent played it would’ve been a 20 point difference

  17. Does all this to throw a ball out of bounds with the warriors….

  18. and he celebrated next to his poster !

  19. 10:07 that was an easy foul. Handchecking. Why’d they complaining tho ? 😂

  20. Dude I would love to have homie like his. Dude is on the sideline having his back 100%!

  21. 16:45 ending that senior night with a 3 point shot and stampede by all the fans right next to a picture poster of yourself 💣

  22. Did yo know where i can see the full match??

  23. Here after Nico brought the Italian Basketball team to the Olimpics after 17 years!

  24. Some pretty amazing free throw shooting for HS kids in this vid.

  25. 2 years ago playing against chubby boys and now he is the Olympic games.. Damn

  26. Damn does everyone on the floor have bricks on their feet?

  27. That at 0:00 blonde and the girl in the red shirt are so gorgeous. I wonder what's their IG.

  28. Damn i come come back nd look back at players like nico… They were just as cold as melo and the others in high school yet took different routes. Wonder what the future nba gonna look like. Whole lotta studs comin up💯💪

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