Nico Mannion Drops INSANE 57 Points & Hits CRAZY GAME WINNER On Senior Night!!!! BEST PG!? -

Nico Mannion Drops INSANE 57 Points & Hits CRAZY GAME WINNER On Senior Night!!!! BEST PG!?

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Nico Mannion scored 57 points tonight and to top it all off ended the game with a crazy game winner on senior night!
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  1. Great HS game! Something the young people will remember for a long time. It made me remember the exciting games when I played B-Ball 40+ years ago…except some of these kids are crazy good!

  2. Everybody needs a friend like that black kid. Unreal hype man!

  3. y’all realize pinnacle had niko and spencer rattle right, would’ve been crazy to go to school with those dudes

  4. Did he just play that game with a backpack on because he carried them 57 points and non of his teammates had above 10

  5. Lol the big kid for pinnacle is tosh baker. I think he was a sophomore here. Class of 2020 4 start football player too committed to Notre dame

  6. Damn, the week before or something like that, he his the game winner too, against shadow mountain.

  7. I was there you can see me that place was so loud to

  8. Damnnnn nobody on his team scored over 10 but nico and they still won Absolute carry 57b

  9. Yea, not impressed. Very underwhelming at Arizona.

  10. is it me or does the black dude look like Collin sexton?

  11. still to this day coldest thing ive ever seen in hs

  12. Imagine playing on your senior night and Ron weasley drops a game winner on your head

  13. 16:28 min Has someone the IG @ from the Girl left with the red Shirt? She's pretty and yeah someone her IG name?

  14. Very Fluid….like Michael or Kobe with the Ball….Ice in the veins to hit back to back 3's and a game winner. He will be fun to watch in college.

  15. Who is here , when he got drafted by GSW

  16. Who is here after he got drafted for Warriors


  18. I was telling my bro that dubs need to get him in 2nd round.

  19. I watch this bcs Dubs draft him and I just amazed… This guy gonna be a real deal this season.

  20. Nico is an animal on the court who gonna be a killa @ golden state💯

  21. He's playing style is fit to be back up pg of the gs

  22. imagine letting a ginger drop 57 points on you team jkjk nicos a bucket lots of respect for his game

  23. I don’t know who this guy is or why I’m getting recommend this a year late but his pull up jumper is a MASTERPIECE

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