NIKO HATCHES AN EGG!! family game night routine with crazy kids! -

NIKO HATCHES AN EGG!! family game night routine with crazy kids!

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Best Hatchimals Day Ever 993

Guys, I don’t know how I got so lucky, but I have the cutest most fun family in the world. We start today’s vlog with some family fun with the kids on mine and Jenny’s shoulders, running around laughing and having fun. Adley suggests that we go for a family walk, but her and Niko ride in her brand new Barbie camper! It’s a great idea, but we want to make sure that baby brother is safe, so we attach one of those baby cabinet locks on the door so he can’t open it up while they are driving around!! We then hit the streets, Adley taking Niko for his very first ride in the power wheels, and he loves it. But it’s a super hot day, so we head back to the house to play games in the basement.

Adley has this new game called Pancakes that she played on her A for Adley channel, and she really enjoys playing it so we decided to play. One person plays hide n seek with all the different styles of pancakes, while the others have to find them and stack them in a specific order to win the game. First off its Adley vs Dad, and no joke, Adley is way better at finding pancakes than I am. She wins our round super easy. Next Adley hides all the pancakes and it’s now me vs Jenny. After some shady moves, we actually end up tying, so we’re all winners!!

To celebrate, we get some hatchimal eggs and take turns cracking them open, even Niko helps out, another first for him as he learns how to get them open. After some more pretend play in Adley’s green tunnel that we use to get into here hidden fort, we decide to watch Harry Potter, one of Jenny’s favorite movies and one Adley hasn’t seen yet.

I then end the vlog with a real talk. It’s been awhile since we’ve had one are I have some important updates I need to tell you guys about! You’re not going to want to miss this!

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