Notre Dame vs #1 Tennessee (CRAZY GAME!) | Super Regional Game 1 | 2022 College Baseball Highlights -

Notre Dame vs #1 Tennessee (CRAZY GAME!) | Super Regional Game 1 | 2022 College Baseball Highlights

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Notre Dame and Tennessee played game 1 of the Knoxville Super Regional in the 2022 College Baseball Season. Super Regionals are a best of 3 series.

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  1. Boiiiii notre dame better hope like belllll they don’t see UT in football. Them folks in Knox gone be mad at them for a minute

  2. Tennessee thinks they can do whatever they want because their coach thinks he can do whatever he wants. Douchebag mentality

  3. I'm sorry but Jack Brannigan is a date rapist name.

  4. Your highlights are so much better then the MLB, appreciate you

  5. I knew when Mississippi State struggled with Notre Dame in Supers last year that this was going to be a tough Super for Tennessee. If Tennessee can come back and take series they’ll be a better team in CWS.

  6. I love how every comment is about how disrespectful Tennessee is to the game. Yes, they play with an edge but don’t act like every team doesn’t do it also. Tennessee has just been in the media the most to where you see it the most often. On the other hand as a UT fan, I can go without throwing trash on the field…..

  7. You can tell alot about a program by how they conduct themselves on the field. Umpires/Officials shouldn't have to put up with that garbage, I guarantee that they received multiple warnings. The players actions in the AB, where he was kicked out, mimics the Coaches behavior.

  8. "He is not 35 years old, that would be not, uh not be legal." Lmfao

  9. Tennessees starter needs to work on command 😭 throwing hard only do so much

  10. After Tennessee’s terrible unsportsmanlike clown act in their come back win against Georgia Tech in the regional. I hope Notre Dame sweeps them. The way they acted and have acted all year is a disgrace to the game of baseball 🤡🤡🤡

  11. Did they really burn Joyce heading into game 2 like that? 🤨

  12. Those ND batting helmets make it look like it’s the C3PO’s versus the BB8’s 😂

  13. Fucking umpire throwing the kid out was absolute horseshit. He should be embarrassed.

  14. You can clearly see he said “that was fuckin terrible” when he got thrown out. He deserved it. I hope ND takes it

  15. Tony V had to cool Gilbert's jets several times during the regionals. No saving him this time. He won't be playing today either. Nice going, you little turd.

  16. It seems like most fans have that winners of life mentality. They don’t care if the best team wins they just want someone who doesn’t act “cocky”.

  17. The punk that got thrown out was wearing yoga pants? Very sassy dude.

  18. Just a baseball fan here. But that wasn't a strike, and that kid held his swing

  19. Drew Gilbert’s face after getting ejected made me laugh so hard. That shut him up 😂😂

  20. Gilbert is too juiced to control himself. That dog needs a leash.

  21. Should be the final game of both umps careers. Just flat out terrible and a very poor reflection on the quality of officiating.

  22. Its really gonna hurt them now that Gilbert is out for the next game

  23. This Tennessee team and their fans are trash. I’m glad they were humbled by this.

  24. Throwing stuff on the field… typical Vols fans.

    Oct. 16, 2021- Tennessee football fans throw trash on the field after a questionable 4th down call in a home game vs. Ole Miss.

  25. ND is getting their tails kicked right now during game 2, but I LOVE how they gave it to UT like UT has given it to everyone else all season. They were cocky and confident, and made sure UT knew about it. Turn about is fair play though, because UT is giving it right back right now. Love baseball!

  26. How does that ball get to the wall off the shortstop? lol

  27. Just like the Neyland Penitentiary riots last year…bunch of fargin hillbillies

  28. I was curious to see the controversial call. It's at 8:58. Horrible umpiring. Batter is right, it's plain as day that the pitch was very low. Hate seeing umps suckered by good 'framing'.

  29. Tennessee fans and players are the biggest 🤡

  30. Ol' Tony V rubbing off… lol. I do think the Vols are the best team, but I only come here to watch Tony V and his emotionally unstable team freak out.

  31. I hate umps that feel they can’t make mistakes and take too much control of a game. Umps have already ruined pro baseball don’t let them do the same to the college game.

  32. Tennessee coaches are a bunch of crybabies and it's bled into the players. They think they can say and do whatever they want and for the last couple of years they've been allowed to get away with it for the most part. Get some class Tennessee

  33. Must be a racist game all white people on the field and stands

  34. Tennessee just spanked ND azz in game 2…

  35. How is this an amazing game?…..notre dame took lead and never looked back! False advertising!!

  36. Dude looked straight into the umps eyes and told him how fucking terrible he is and then acts surprised?

  37. Tennessee's guns are juiced, he's throwing hard but not that hard. Some of the guys showing 94-95 were showing 91 when they played in charlotte.

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