Notre Dame vs #1 Tennessee (CRAZY GAME!) | Winner To College World Series | 2022 College Baseball -

Notre Dame vs #1 Tennessee (CRAZY GAME!) | Winner To College World Series | 2022 College Baseball

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Notre Dame and Tennessee played in game 3 of the Knoxville Super Regional in the 2022 College Baseball Season. The winner would advance to the college word series, while the loser would be eliminated.

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  1. Lol would have been funny for Notre dame to flip off Tennessee at the end or tell them to suck it

  2. Honestly Tennessee was lucky they saw Notre Dame in the Regional. If they weren’t playing a catholic school they would’ve never heard the end of it.

  3. Karma is a you know what. Fans that throw trash on the field deserve exactly what they get.

  4. I haven't seen such reckless baserunning in a game in awhile

  5. Lol baseball fans kill me y’all are stuffy in the comments ut is a fun team to watch

  6. How satisfying is it to see them realize they won't be going to Omaha.

  7. Send those bums Tennessee home, baseball gods said not today

  8. the way this particular announcer consistently defends Tennessee's childish behavior is sort of worrying.

  9. I don't think yall understand Tennessee feeds off the hate so the more yall talk trash the more we like it. See yall next year.

  10. I am an Arkansas fan and I normally support the SEC. But, in this case I am so glad that Tenn. lost. Their fan base is as arrogant as they come. Karma happened. They dogged Arkansas fan base for being ranked #1 and losing in the super Reg. last year. Now, you lost. lolololol. It's my turn. The players are just as arrogant. You don't flip other team opponents off ect… and act a fool against another team after a win. Especially, if that win is not getting you the CWS ect… Congrats to Notre Dame. Allot of SEC fans are happy for your win against an arrogant coach and team.

  11. Is anyone else like extremely happy to see Tennessee lose. Act the way they have all season, and you get what you deserve. Karma is a bitch

  12. Tennesse thought their shit didn’t stink. Got what they deserved!

  13. 1. Like everyone else, glad Tennessee lost
    2. ND pitchers can't be giving up multiple 4-0 walks
    3. ND left fielder needs to back off when an infielder has called it, as they had shorter distances to run on both of those collisions. Looked like peewee
    4. ND needs to practice proper sliding techniques. Can't be sliding past the bag or having your head up so that it is tag-able

  14. Never have I been so relieved to see a baseball team lose. UT have been giant pricks all season

  15. Tennessee was ranked #1? Wow. Beating Iona 27-1 and 29-0 very impressive to pollsters. iona is a small commuter college in New York. They have no football team or athletic director. Iona's last championship was in rowing (great job Iona rowing!!). The big time Vols baseball team BLEW IT !!! At home !!! Idiots.

  16. may want to drug test them too. look at Beck the dude looks like Dykstra. lot of noise about them using steroids this year too.

  17. All those cool celebrations for seeing-eye singles, run-less doubles, and shit-talking the base-runners after a routine tag or force out:
    Can't make a routine throws to first. LOL.

  18. Didn't know you could buy ballparks at Walmart. Turf infield, WTF?

  19. Those Tennessee punks got what they deserved!

  20. people really say this is the best team ever?…2017 oregon st in my opinion was

  21. as someone who lives in Tennessee, i can confirm this is how 99% of Vols fans acts.

  22. All these people commenting below with such hatred for all things U.T. I figure most of them are fans of schools that got whipped by U.T. baseball this year. I can see zero difference in the obnoxiousness of the N.D. players versus the U.T. players. These same people making these derogatory remarks are from schools like N.D., Alabama, Floriday, etc. Let me tell you, the most low class fan bases in the world are at places like that.

  23. The Vols were so fkn cocky happy to see Notre dame upset them punks

  24. Why is everyone saying this Tennessee team was classless and deserved it and are punks? I didn’t watch SEC baseball but my Sooners are doing great in Omaha. Will be watching SEC baseball soon though!

  25. Tennessee players have been obnoxious all year. They are truly a pathetic representation of college baseball. Glad they got beat.

  26. Tennessee lost to a French baseball team?

  27. was i the only person who heard sixth year senior 🤣

  28. Both of these teams play incredibly undisciplined baseball

  29. Making a play on turf is really simple it comes faster but it’s so easy to make plays

  30. Great season, Tennessee. Personally, I still think Tennessee is one of the best teams in college baseball today even though that all happened, BS to people that comment about them. That’s just BS, man. I still like Tennessee baseball, and that’s what I care about.😡

  31. Karma has a way of making its way around. Here's your Tennessee.

  32. the right fielder really didnt want that 2nd basemen to make a play lmfao

  33. God has much love and plans for u. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior and the only way to Heaven. All we have to do is accept him as our Lord and Savior✝️

  34. Right fielder near sold the game going for every ball when called off

  35. with all the money these universities have and the money these programs are able to generate but opt to play on fake grass and fake infield dirt i just do not understand. A game like baseball is supposed to be played on the natural stuff

  36. This is what u get for not having any class

  37. a SIXTH YEAR SENIOR?!?! i honestly thought tennessee barely had enough classes for just 4 years LMFAO

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