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O.A.R. – Crazy Game Of Poker.

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O.A.R. – Crazy Game Of Poker.


  1. Very underrated group, not quite same level as Dave, ween, or others but they are solid. They are a tight band

  2. This probably is the best version of this song I've heard. Great video.

  3. This is def one of the best versions of this song i've heard…love to solos!!

  4. hahahah…at 2:10 someone commented never to fail…its never to fold….fucking idiots

  5. This is SOOOO bad. OAR is the Winger of Jam Bands.

  6. Typical keyboard player playing too loud during the first guitar solo!!! 😀

  7. @Cadets98DG Why are you here then? To hate? Try spreading positivity instead.

  8. Hey there! Have you thought about the amazon book How to Shake the Online Poker Money Tree ? I got some very helpful techniques from it and now play like a shark and just won 4 SNGs in a row with no trouble.

  9. did i see "go buckeyes" at 3:09! hell yea stickin to your roots!

  10. @KesslersCross my god you are ignorant.

  11. Correction: "I say Of, you say A, I say Revolution, you say jah"

  12. @reinachannel123 if you like this a lot, and you wish for more songs with a longer duration, listen to the allman brothers.

  13. The word you're looking for is fucking. I don't believe any words have asterix in them.

  14. It is MUCH better than the band Purity Ring, which according to your comment history is one of your favorite bands

  15. playing at the rays game later in August wish i could go, sounds cool!

  16. one of my favorite bands to see live b/c of this …. you can turn a 6 min song into an 11 min Jam…

  17. Takes me To The Edge, This was the first song I ever bothered to listen to by this band. I fell in love with it.

  18. Columbus ohio much love great memories great band great song snd a few of you guys were at my apt 101 e 12th 20 kegs life was good cheers

  19. democracy would work if people gave a shit about the future. unfortunately most people only think of themselves and the 'here and now'.

  20. Damn. I didn't know he was that hot. Ive loved this but I don't get startrstuck. Im still not but damn,

  21. WTF is SUMER? This is definitely one of my all time favorites. I saw these guys live in like 90 something at a frat party. BLEW MY MIND! Can't wait for some new music from them…

  22. the singer looks a little like David Gahan…….of course DG can actually sing

  23. This song has so many change ups and surprises… I love it!

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