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O.A.R. – That Was A Crazy Game of Poker | Live On Red Rocks

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution…)
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“Live On Red Rocks” was filmed and recorded live at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater, “Live on Red Rocks” captures O.A.R. in their element – performing an inspired and energetic show to a packed house in the middle of summer. The performance, delivered in High Definition, contains 22 songs including hits “Shattered (Turn the Car Around),” “Love and Memories,” and “Heaven” as well as fan favorites “Black Rock” and “That Was A Crazy Game of Poker.”

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  1. Everyone has that one song, that no matter what, puts you in a better mood. 26 year old song and it still makes me dance in my kitchen no mater what crap is happening in my life.

  2. I remember watching these guys open for Red Wanting Blue like 20 or more years ago and they're still playing the same fucking songs.

  3. How bout a revolution? Sorry universe i guess i shouldnt put that on u

  4. Discovered this song when I got my brothers old iPod nano when I was about nine years old and it still had all of his songs on it brings back memories of camping in the summer with the family and brings back a time before the problems of adulthood

  5. I need more of three vibes in my life ❤❤❤

  6. Great song but when a white guy sings with a Jamaican accent it's just silly. Fuck off with that crap. Faking accents is gay

  7. This is hands down they best performance of any band ever in history I totally salute u.

  8. I can't get over this band, unreal. We are missing out in Wales. Would love to see them live 💛 Amazing 😍

  9. Like I’m a kid again. How do I know every single word???

  10. Please let your music be spread. Fire your management. If you wouldnt blockpeople from reacting to your music you would have so many more fans. Take a lesson from Jerry

  11. thumbs down folks are no pussy getting cucks, bet.

  12. 2 things.
    1. I don’t know how anyone can give this a thumbs down, without a doubt their best song, and it’s an awesome jam. They look like they’re having a blast.
    2. Chris Culos is such an underrated drummer, he’s awesome.

  13. Whoever gave this a thumbs down should get out of here with that negativity and get a better taste in music.

  14. Saludos desde Colombia! Es una canción muy genial!

  15. Poker? I barely even know her. You poker, you brought her.

  16. I love this song so much because I grew up with it. Tonight I sang it and it was full circle. I'd love if you checked it out! Thank you

  17. They are simply amazing!! 3 times seen them live at Red Rocks – the energy and the passion of the music – the fans who adore them is simply magical!!!! Been a fan for over 14 years!!

  18. I saw them years ago when the leader singer lost his voice at PNC park. He tried to sing still…didn't matter the music was awesome

  19. Just got introduced to this group by a co-worker. Can't believe I have never heard of them. (Disclaimer: I am an old guy rocker and jam to classic rock!). Always enjoy jamming to new groups and this is one I will be firing up to max volume for years to come!!! Rock on O.A.R., Rock On!!

  20. So clearly they should get an endorsement from Bicycle or Maverick playing cards… 2:13

  21. They been playing this song for around 20 years. Why can't my headphones get any fucking louder!!!!!

  22. You put an ad in the middle of a song??? what the abosulute FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

  23. Who puts a commercial in the middle of a great song? Malarkey.

  24. My high school girlfriend, her sister, her sister's boyfriend, and I drove to Rochester id like to say in 2005 or 2006 and saw them play at The Main Street Armory and it was fuckingggg amazinggggg! I'll never forget it and never forget the ones we love but let get away!!!!

  25. Love bands that aren't afraid to play songs for more than 3 mins…

  26. That was the CrAAZiesT game I Ever PLay in MY LIIIFE….

  27. Usally the horns ruin live music at red rocks.. see big gigantic or the disco biscuits. This is nice though

  28. This song brings back so many great memories

  29. OAR is my absolute favorite band. I'm an old dried up 43 yr old and they make me feel young.

  30. When was this? I saw them there in September 2015 and it was the best concert of my life!!!
    This could easily have been that performance. I still have cards from it that were thrown during this song! I was in the second row and it was raining playing cards
    This isn’t the 2015 show, but just as fantastic 💕💕💕 My friend and I met them backstage, and they are really nice, Benji was super sweet and after he kind of broke the ice during the meet and greet, everyone had genuine smiles, laughed, and it was a wonderful experience.
    I first heard them at my brother’s funeral. His name was James and his friends played the song ‘James’, and it was so perfect because he had small cell lung cancer. The lyric”breathe, breathe deep for me, James,” is frighteningly prescient; so apt, so perfect. That was the start of what has now been almost 20 years of OAR being part of the soundtrack of my life. They helped me as I grieved, and they became the background music of my life, sung by my babies in the car, or as the first concert I got to go to in several years during a rare mom night out. The 2015 show was 3 days before I had my first dose of chemo for my own cancer, and Marc’s wife, also a cancer survivor, was backstage that night. It seemed very fitting. Everything was so right, and I’m so grateful that I bought those tickets before knowing I would go through any of that. It put me in the right frame of mind.
    I’ve always loved OAR for the joy they put into the world.

  31. If you grew up in dc in the early 2000s you like this band

  32. 💀💍🌂👣🙊🙉🙈🤕🗼🏭

  33. Call me old (48) but nothing beats the original album version 20+ years ago. When it was about the love of the music and not about the performance.

  34. No offense.. but their element is a dirty little bar in the Midwest. Specifically Ohio.

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