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O.A.R. – “That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker” [Official] Lyric Video

O.A.R. (Of A Revolution…)
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“That Was A Crazy Game of Poker” – The Wanderer, 1997

My twenty thrown down in my fist of rage
And the man to my left just folded down
Johnny doubled up with a Royal Flush
I had three jacks and a pair of nines
My mind is turning just two shots more
There’s not much left to play
Then dude walks in Black hat on top, what a mop
I’m lucky it wasn’t a county cop, cause I’m just running out of time

Who’s up for game two, what to do?
My wallets getting thin and I just lost my watch last night
I got a problem, just one answer got to throw it all down
And kiss it goodbye

That was a crazy game of poker
I lost it all
But someday I’ll be back again
And I’m never to fall
Never to fall

Who’s up for game three?
I can barely see the bourbon drowning next to me
And I just lost it all
Well there’s a man sitting next to me
Red with smiling eyes
It’s funny I don’t have no money tonight.

That was a crazy game of poker
I lost it all
But someday I’ll be back again
And I’m never to fall
Never to fall

Bada biba… … …
I say now skitili dat dat dat well how bout that
I’m coming out the front never coming out the back
I walked into the bar yesterday
Cause I had something to do, something to say
And Johnny walked in right behind me and
I didn’t turn around
Until I hear the sound of his feet falling
On the ground, looked over my shoulder
And I saw a clown
And I said what are you doing in the bar tonight?
And I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight?
He looked at me with a face full of fright
And I said how about a revolution?
And he said , right.

I say of, you say a, I say revolution, and you say Jah 2x

And I said what are you looking at?
He hit me across the face with a bat.
I grabbed my .45 and I said let’s get out and go
Well so he opened the door, and said “now, whatcha here for?”
I said I’m wanderin’ down the road 44
And I said I’ve been walking for about a thousand years
And my feet are growing tired
My eyes a little wired
Don’t know what to do unless I retire
And he just said let’s play some crazy poker
And I said Johnny whatcha doing tonight?
He looked at me with a face full of fright
And I said how about a revolution?
And he said right.

I said that was the craziest game of poker that I ever saw
I said that was the craziest game of poker that I ever saw
But Im not gonna quit and I’m not gonna stop
I don’t give a shit cause I got the drop
Johnny just got two eyes just like mine
And I’m feeling kind of funky, kinda fine
Cause I drank a bottle of whiskey before I came
Came to the bar to see what’s the same
I saw my man named Johnny sitting across the table from
And to my left was a man he had no gin
He didn’t even think about starting to sin
The man to my right, wasn’t feeling very nice
He looked kinda mad and I felt bad
Because I took his money last night
Now I’m just struggling
I need a honey bunny
I don’t know what to say anymore
So Im just going to go out the front door.

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  1. I tried to share this crazy game of poker… but I, never to fall ✌️ ☮️ so I said Johnny what cha doing tonight? He said oh & I said right ✅️

  2. This song always reminded me of life instead of poker. I hope they play this at my funeral because that "crazy game of poker" relates to the story of my life, and just like Kenny said, you gotta know when to fold em.

  3. brings me back, i’m a senior in high school and a long time ago when i wasn’t looking at colleges, or even thinking about life, i was 5-6 at most, me and my dad would drive around blasting this.

  4. Great song. Brings back halcyon days of youth, though that nostalgia wounds me slightly. The friends and times had then will never repeat…

  5. I wrote a screenplay of this song just to learn how to write in screenplay format.

  6. The songs never get old. Love it king!

  7. So many memories growing up listening too this..

  8. This video is like something you'd see on old school newgrounds video. It also reminds me of that cameo they did on College University, ah nice memories. Anyway, great video, guys!

  9. Man I listened to this on repeat in College, on deployments to Iraq, and still. Love O.A.R!

  10. Of the dozens of versions of this song I've heard over the years, this studio version I like the least. Sorry to say, but the live versions are the best.

  11. After 20 years of listening to this song, in college, on long drives, on the ship while deployed – envisioning the story line – it's pretty cool to see it come to life in it's own way. My #1 song by my #1 band. Thanks gents.

  12. After listening to this song for 20 years, I still sing some of the lyrics incorrectly. This lyrics video proves me wrong every time.

  13. From the first time I heard this in a small Vermont bar till today almost 20 years later. STILL MY NUMBER ONE JAM. I LOVE THIS VERSION😁😁😁😁😁😁

  14. It was Summer 2005. I was 14. The girl I liked was listening to this song on the beach with her friends. I lingered around until someone finally mentioned the name of the band. Then I walked over and said "oh man are you guys listening to OAR? I love them." She became my first real girlfriend a few weeks later. We'd make out for hours listening to this, Hey Girl, all the classics. Life was good.

  15. Some of my BEST memories listening to you guys with my BFF. still best friends to this day. We saw you when we were 15 at the tiny Roseland theater in Portland (OR). We’re 31 now and still and will always love you guys more than you’ll know! 👏🏼💓

  16. Why does the cartoon not follow the story? Fail.

  17. Great song! Love the energy of it; kinda upbeat but a little downtrodden at the same time. Everybody can get something out of this song

  18. So, I had the ABSOLUTE WORST concert experience at an OAR show in Milwaukee. Had a bad taste in my mouth for them ever since. And yet, here I am listening to ‘em. 🤔

  19. This song brings back so many memories. All so positive ♡ oar will always have a place in my heart

  20. This is like the soundtrack to my college years. Sitting around at one in the morning, talking with your friends, not a care in the world. You're young, good looking, full of dreams. You'll never be old and uncool like your parents.

    Then one day…

  21. The leads vocals are trash and the song itself would be much better if were shortened by about 8 minutes and 43 seconds.

  22. First got to jam out live to this nearly twenty years ago. And in a few months, I'll get to do it again. Cannot wait!

  23. Yeah man nice re-up. This song was a staple 15 years ago. I mean it. We went to colleges to see u usually if there was a ufc at the same time. Keep it going. Fucking beautiful music boys.

  24. Takes me back to WVWC in the year 2000. Best years of my life.

  25. HOW BOUT A REVOLUTION?! and he said RIGHT!

  26. Dang I love this song. Long live O.A.R.!

  27. Reminds me of Keystone Light and sweet sweet college years! This song is the shiiiiit!

  28. OAR wants to signal that it’s time for the revolution

  29. When I am feeling good or bad this is my song to listen to and sing along with 🙂

  30. I just listen to this and The Gambler on repeat while I play poker on Red Dead Redemption 2 because I’m too broke to play real poker.

  31. This song never gets old. I remember lesten to this while I did my homework and parents worked on fixing up our new childhood house. The oar cd would blare the whole time lol

  32. God this song is obnoxious! lol.. these frat guys I used to know would play this garbage on repeat. Not one of their bettter songs imo. Had to find the song on YouTube as I couldn’t remember how it went

  33. Why is this a college song? These guys I knew from LSU were obsessed w this damn song and would play it almost every day in the office back in 2009-2010. I got so sick of it hahahaha. Most will say “then why are you here?” And my answer is simple.. to try n remember how the song went to see if I’d still find it annoying and I do. That’s just me tho🤷🏼‍♂️.

    “Yeah…well, that’s like yer opinion maaaan”. – Jeffrey Lebowski

  34. Folk, blues, reggae…what more do you want? Thanks OAR!

  35. you better get started on that revolution.

  36. you better get started on that revolution.

  37. When I started college in 2002 and move into the dorms, so many people were hyped on this song and playing it. You'd think it was on the radio, MTV, and VH1, but OAR never really got any mainstream exposure. The song still reminds me of that first year and all the good times my friends and I had.

  38. It's just silly. One player can't have a JJJ99, and the other a royal flush. IDT?

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