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OAR: Crazy Game of Poker, Live at Madison Square Garden

Matthew Mullins
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O.A.R.: Live from Madison Square Garden from 2007


  1. shit do a commercial for 10 minutes before it starts but how dare u break that flow

  2. These dudes are bigger douches than DMB, I didn't think it was possible.

  3. The whitest crowd ever? Fuckin love OAR

    Love another white Chad

  4. I bet no one knows what O.A.R. stands for without looking it up

  5. ohh m g he howd ya pullvit out of the ehole city

    t Zoo . .Candylandandy. .Å. .Andrea. .analysts. .
    . .Andrew's. .andi. .Andy. .Andrew. .Andrews. .

  6. 9:57 – I didn't know Andy Samberg was at the OAR concert.

  7. I dont think I've ever felt more white in my life watching this..

  8. The cheer and happiness of the band is what drives this to the NEXT level.

  9. When life was simple. And I was born in 84. Sad to say that in the year 2020.

  10. I love this song so much because I grew up with it. Tonight I sang it and it was full circle. I'd love if you checked it out! Thank you

  11. Hey, did the Beatles or Doors do any poker songs ? 😎

  12. All they need is a couple of huge face tattoos and they could get more hit songs!

  13. I love how no version of this song is ever the same.

  14. You can have my HEARt but never MY SOUL!!!!

  15. Fuckin'… JAM THEE FUCK ON BUDS!!!!

  16. I always played this on the jukebox at the pirate bars up in erie after a cold day fishing on the lake. Nothing better than drowning in some grog and telling sea stories with a friendly barkeep.

  17. I play this 20 minute version on touch tunes everytime I walk a bar that has touch tunes

  18. Favorite band in the world. Just here to celebrate new dates coming and the return of live music!!!

  19. this is so wonderful and makes me feel so happy

  20. Best version of the song by far…and that includes anytime now

  21. This band (and particularly this song) is my go to whenever I think “Worst Band Ever”. I’m not saying they are not competent musicians but their musical choices are so consistently mundane. It’s like Wonder Bread. Definitely still bread but no attempt is made to reach its potential beyond just being “bread”.
    Particularly the lead guitarist…his tone is ok, he’s not really hitting bum notes and I guess he’s “ripping” but it’s like he choices to play just below the level of anything really exciting or interesting. Lowest Common Denominator stuff for sure and has to have been conceived that way as some kind of formula. If so, it’s equaled some serious ticket sales for them, that’s for sure.

  22. When I am asked to define my college years (1999-2003), I just send a link to this song

  23. i think last time i saw them was 2000 or 99 that was a great outdoor show

  24. Cant believe that no person has reacted to their songs. Management must be assholes! Big time pieces of crap!

  25. Imagine being at a concert and actually enjoying every second singing along and not recording it with your phone? This was just before those times.

  26. There wasn’t an OAR merchandise stand. Just American Eagle, GAP and Abercrombie stands in front of each entry way.

  27. People living in the moment… not one cell phone!

  28. What’s the name of the second song he starts singing?

  29. I remember first hearing this song like 20 years. Awesome to see this live performance!

  30. It’s 2023, who else still can’t find the black guy in this video?

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