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Operation Save Kitty – That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time

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Welcome to That Crazy Game with Explosions and Time! That Crazy Game With Explosions and Time is the newest game made by Landfall Games for the 40 hour Nordic Game Jam. In this game you must climb and exploding tower and save as many people as possible but more importantly save the kitty at the top of the building before the explosion reaches the top of the building. I hope you enjoyed this quick look at That Crazy Game with Explosions and Time, thanks for watching and liking.

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Intro: Title: Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slips & Slurs & Subtact – Break The Silence
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Outro: JAWN – Duck of Doom


  1. I hope that landfall makes this a full game!

  2. the first thing I thought of was quicksilver when he said superspeed and explosions

  3. this game reminds me of when quicksilver saves everyone in the Xmen mansion

  4. Draegast's subscribers officially going to be called shitweeds huh? okay then, stay awesome ya shits!!

  5. So im guessing us the subscribers are still called shitweeds

  6. intro sounds like philip defranco intro lol

  7. The first day of school is tomorrow for me but your videos help me get through it

  8. hey drae There are new rides in planet coaster including police officers

  9. I knew that Drae the dill weed will play this..

  10. This reminds me of 11/9 you know, Where a car crashes into the single trade center?

  11. In the Bendy ATIM chapter 2 this guy says: 'Logical thinking and horror games don't work with me'……. This game after he reaches top. "I think I am somehow routing the kitty down?"…..

    I think it' less to do with horror games, and maor to do with the fact he got no logic…. like whatsoever.

    Don't do drugs kids! You might end up like Draegast.
    (Seriously, watching this guy stumble through basic puzzles and concepts… Wubba Lubba Dub Dub.)

    How does he have so many fans? I can understand not being perfect at games because it's more entertaining, but this goes wayyyyyyyy beyond that.
    Surely there are more entertaining and talented youtubers out there that are never ever seen or heard of simply because this guy shows up at the top of lists due to subs, while everyone else is shoved to the bottom.

    (Not trying to shit on anyones parade here, just pointing out some pretty obvious things since everyone else is focused on "Game of the year", "9/11", "Pussy" "Shitweeds" "##th comment")

    Wubba, Lubba…. Dub…. Dub. (Annnnnd THAT is the proper context for that quote btw. If yall gonna use it, at least pretend to understand it's deeper meanings Aside from literal translation…. People ruin everything with ignorance.)

    Rick would be ashamed to have you guys as fans.

  12. Plot twist:
    There was another cat on the first floor of the building.

  13. so once i was a shit weed and now i am a beautiful shit weed
    moving up in life

  14. I left at 500k subs now I'm back and he is at 1 mill

  15. in the title I thought the game name is operation save kitty but… I was wrong. I never thought a game that can have such a long name.

  16. this seriously reminds me of the quicksilver scene in X-men apocalypse

  17. You can make a game that size in 40 hours!?

  18. If sweet dreams was playing in the background it would've been quicksilver the game

  19. I can't seem to open this game. My computer keeps trying to open it with the windows 10 store. Any suggestions guys?


  21. I just love how when you throw people out a window instead of getting blown up and they say "thank you!"

  22. Awww… Thank you! You're a beautiful Shitweed as well 😘

  23. Tried getting it. Tried opening it. Asked what I wanted to open it as?

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